Okay, so KMFDM is dead. We know this.

But this won't stop their albums. Okay, so it's not really one of theirs -- it's one of thoise notorius 'tribute albums'. It's called "Don't Blow Your Cover", undoubtably in relation to their 1988 album, "Don't Blow Your Top".

To be perfectly fair, if you take is album as a comparison work to the original KMFDM work, this album is only "good"... however, if you take it all as a separate and distinct work, it jumps to "very good" -- especially the lounge version of "Disobedience". It's a nice and fitting end to the 15 year empire that was Kein Merheit fuer die Mitleid.

Don't Blow Your Cover - 2000, published by KMFDM and Cleopatra Records.

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