1.)Following the official breakup of KMFDM in 1999, Sascha Konietzko, Tim Skold, and former Drill frontwoman Lucia Cifarelli went on to form MDFMK. Lucia's spot was originally taken by former KMFDM member Nina Hagen, who for unknown reasons backed out of the project after recording began. MDFMK has (had?) a sound similar to KMFDM, but with more keyboards and more female vocals. They released a self-titled album on Republic Records in early 2000, and contributed a song (Missing Time) to the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack. In Summer 2000, MDFMK toured the US, taking along their new material, and a Big Giant Robot (that was really gimmicky, but kinda cool). Sascha and Co. left Republic Records in September 2000, and are now working on other projects, leaving the future of MDFMK uncertain.

2.)Self-titled album by the band MDFMK. Released in March 2000 on Republic Records. Written and performed by Sascha Konietzko, Tim Skold, and Lucia Cifarelli.
Track Listing:
01. Now
02. Rabble Rouser
03. Get Out of My Head
04. Gasoline
05. Torpedoes
06. Stare at the Sun
07. Be Like Me
08. Transmutation
09. ©ontrol¿
10. Hydroelectric
11. Witch Hunt
In addition, the Japanese release has two bonus tracks:
Action - Reaction
Amerikan Dream

3.)Single released by the band KMFDM in January 1998.
Track Listing:
1. Megalomaniac - (Excessive Force mix)
2. Anarchy - (Fusako mix)
3. Megalomaniac - (UXII mix)
4. Unfit - (Death Before Taxes mix)
5. Anarchy - (God And The State mix)
6. Megalomaniac - (Tvva mix)

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