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Don't you dare tell me not to fall in love with you--
Curled in your arms, warm, safe,
Reality a mile away,
Those blue eyes will only suck me in deeper,
Only ask me to defy you...
I've learned not to trust men
They are fickle and conniving
(Or at least, the ones that I've met)
But you...
You have offered me salvation,
You have allowed me to be myself;
And although I hardly know you,
You've granted me escape from my games,
You've given me headspace...
So now you tell me not to love you?
My eyes say differently...
I am attached;
I love you,
And I can't say otherwise.
Don't you know what that does to me-
when you give me those eyes?

Don't say it's an illusion
'cause I'll jump to conclusions

Don't think I won't bother
when you make such an offer

Don't put a finger to your lips
then your hands on my hips
Don't do that.
YES, that.

Don't you know?
Don't you care?

Don't you dare.

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