Falling in love in a public room on campus. We were relatively alone in it, but it was far too vast for two people to take up. We spoke in quiet voices that echoed off and into the white walls and red rugs. Every word out of context would have been trite, meaningless, but echoed, they sounded as important as they felt. I remember staring at a blue ragged sweater, at a pale face that was growing familiar but still too strange to read. Terrifying, soul-baring words that no stranger should hear, but they were spoken and reverberated and rippled.

Now the sex comes a bit later but it is just as hallucinatory. Afterwards, your slippers lisping down the hallway, giantlike, you contemplate your surroundings. Everything is ridiculously shrunken. And what is not small moves sensuously and slowly. Aeroplanes slide into the air obscenely, the wind licks the leaves and they shudder. Everything moves in a waterlike trance, recognizing your nakedness and your satiety. Your fall into love.

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