I was separated from my first wife and very, very poor. I couldn't afford the rent on my apartment, and was getting close to not being able to pay the bills.

I had a friend that I worked with who was recently seperated from her husband and was looking at the same situation. Of course we decided to move in together.

There was nothing between us, at all. No relationship material even to begin with. Neither one of had ever "cheated" on our spouses, even though she had been accused of it. I moved into her apartment because I could get out of my lease easier, it was that simple. I was going to be moving to Okinawa in another six months anyway, so why not just crash there? It was a three bedroom, two bath deal that was plenty of room for two single people to live in.

Of course you know what happened.
No you don't.

She found out she was pregnant. By the guy she was dating and planning on breaking up with. Evidently the condom broke...

Well, she couldn't get an abortion since she had had many previous miscarriages. This could be her only chance at a baby. And, man, she was scared.

She couldn't afford a baby, she could barely afford a place to live. She couldn't have a baby, she was active duty Navy and they do weird things like go out to sea for six months at a time.

My paternal instinct kicks into overdrive. Not for the kid, for her. I started taking care of her, waking her up in the mornings with breakfast and coffee, making dinner for her.

We got more intimate. She would cry at me, I would cry at her. We were both emotionally wrecked then. My son had just been taken off by my ex-wife, 1500 miles away. She of course broke up with the father of her child a week after she found out she was pregnant. Stress all the way, for both of us.

Then she started having trouble falling asleep. I thought nothing of it. I just tried to keep my erection hidden as I held her until she dropped off. I would then go to my room to code until I passed out from exhaustion.

Until I started falling asleep holding her.

I never kissed her. I tried not to poke her in the butt with my unfortunate condition. I didn't do anything sexual in any way, shape or form. But I started to like the feel of her against me. Naturally.

Sometimes she would pull me on top of her, legs intertwined, hugging. I couldn't hide my erection on these occasions, but she didn't seem to mind. We would sometimes lie like that for an hour before we got up and rushed around because we were late for work.

This went on for several weeks.

One moring I asked her a stupid question. I knew I was in love with her, deeply, more than I'd ever felt for my failed first marriage. I asked her as I was lying on top of her "Can I kiss you?"
She answered "Why?"
Shit. Why? What the hell does she think why? I am horny as hell, and she knows it.
I said "Because I am very attracted to you."
Ha! That'll show her!
"But I am pregnant with another man's child!"
Who cares? He isn't here, is he?
"That doesn't matter to me." I responded.
And we kissed.

We kissed, we necked, we petted. A week later we finally screwed. A lot, as all new relationships go through that phase.

We were apart for a few months and ran up phone bills of more than one thousand US Dollars.

I ended up having to fly back to Okinawa to be with her, three years ago next week.

And still,
I don't deserve my wife.

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