Don't make extravagant claims about how you feel, don't lay your heart at my feet. Don't talk about 'love' or 'need' or 'urgency'.

I spook easily.

Telling me your deepest thoughts doesn't give you access to mine.

I haven't told you my secrets. I don't trust you enough yet.

If you want to know me, you can listen to me when I talk; you can ask if you want to know more -- but don't expect me to answer and don't be surprised if I clam up.

I don't belong to you, yet. I may never belong to you.

I don't know if you deserve me.

Coax me. Persuade me. Convince me that it's safe for me to come out from behind this wall that protects me.

I'm willing, in theory, to share myself with you, eventually. I'm willing to let you into my darkest corners, where the fears hide, into my wildest hopes and fantasies, as long you tread carefully, and don't break anything. But if you try to take more than I'm offering, you'll lose everything.

Take the time to discover me. You won't regret it.

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