2018 Dec 18

15 minutes: Sound of electric toothbrush

It was buzzing upstairs. I could hear it approaching me, along with the accompanying footsteps, down the stairs.

I looked up expecting to see my son brushing his teeth, but there was no one there. Instead I caught sight of a flash of electricity, white and bright blue, that quickly evaporated into the air. The buzz did not go away. I looked around trying to pinpoint the source of the sound.

The house was still dark. It took forever for the morning sun to claim its territory during those winter months.

Flashes of blue and white were jumping between all the walls of the room. I didn't want to approach them. If the house had been struck by lightning or was having some kind of electrical problem, I didn't want to end up being fried for being too stupid.

A blue-white grid pattern formed on the walls. I tried to make out where it came from without putting myself at risk. Then I noticed the walls had disappeared. Only the grid pattern remained. The floor I was standing on had vanished as well. I was actually standing on the grid pattern. Carefully I stooped down to make sure it was what I thought it was. I must have been seeing things. The floor still felt like carpet in my hands, but my eyes saw only the a blue-white mesh.

I walked to the front door, itself now also just a frame outlined by blue and white. I felt around for the doorknob. It was still where I expected it to be, though I couldn't see it. I gave it a good turn after unlocking the now invisible deadbolt. Everything still worked like it used to, and the door swung open.

I could see the other houses on the street, merely blue-white outlines marking where they normally were. The plants in my yard were but vague shapes, simplistic, but I could still feel them brushing against my clothes as I walked by.

Up my street I went. Everything was normal, except for my vision. All I saw was a vast sea of blue-white lines and shapes, covering my entire neighborhood.

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