2019 Jan 15

15 minutes: His ego bleeds...

She pulls the rapier out.

He staggers back a step. Enraged. He remembers his shield. "You think you can hurt me with that thing?"

She says nothing, but advances towards him. She is watching his feet, watching where his toes are pointed. Her rapier is ready.

He charges forward. Screaming.

She has him where she wants him now. His logic is fading, turning into berserker rage. His strength will be dangerous, but she is fast. One step to the side and he's already past her. Her rapier sinks into his ego once more.

He screams in pain, blinding his senses for a moment. But he feels the change run through him. The power. Yes, he can destroy anything now. He stops and turns around. His footsteps crack the cement below him. He licks his lips. "You will be delicious," he sneers. He throws his shield aside. He doesn't need it anymore. He is invulnerable now. She won't be able to take him down. She's circling him. He faces her as she moves. Not going to miss this time, and then it will be the end. He screams a battlecry just before lunging.

She sees his calves flex even before he gives away his intentions verbally. She launches herself over his head. Her rapier sinks into his ego again.

He feels no pain this time. He doesn't care anymore. Only one thing matters. He drops even his stone hammer. He is going to do this the ancient way. He is going to tear her apart with his bare hands.

He doesn't realize his movements have slowed to a crawl. She easily dances around him.

To him it appears as if she's gained superspeed. No matter. Nothing can defeat him when he's like this. Nothing can make him surrender.

Slash, slash, pierce, strike. Her rapier continually finds its mark in the next seconds.

It only enrages him even more, giving him more strength, more stamina. But then she vanishes. Leaving him only with a broken ego.

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