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The ironic process theory is when you try to get something out of your head and end up thinking about it even more. In other words, it's a great way to torture yourself.

The thought in question appears from seemingly nowhere, and vague acknowledgement is felt. It edges maliciously forward, encroaching upon a calm void that won't remain empty for much longer. Not wanting to regard its presence, the mind makes a weak attempt to repress the thought, yielding a counterproductivity that would be amusing if it weren't so damned tragic.

In so trying to stifle the intruder, guards have now been roused from a dreamless slumber. The rogue is irreversibly acknowledged, and the thought has successfully worked its way inward and planted itself in the victim's mind, prompting waves of emotional anguish. This is then followed by a realization of how ludicrous it seems that this torment can be accidentally triggered. It all starts with one unwanted inkling.

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