He tries to pretend he's joking, but I've heard it all before. I can hear the uncertainty in his voice. "My ice queen," he says. He's said the same before, during our fights that happen all too often. "Don't you feel anything?"

Another friend of mine sits beside me in the car. I'm pretending to concentrate on the road, holding my shoulders a little too straight. "Say something before I think you're a monster," he says, and I thought I heard anguish in his voice. I shift slightly and stare at the road. But I say nothing.

"How did you become so cold?" and there's anger now. He's hurt but it hasn't sunk in it yet, the anger still covering it's surface. I can see it in his eyes, flashing and wild.

Don't you feel? You're a monster. How do you handle it? Why are you so indifferent, so cold? Don't you love me? What's wrong with you?

In the darkness I can imagine I see shapes in the shadows. My lips move to the words unspoken, and at times I reach my hand out but nothing is there except the air. And I let the tears fall without wiping them away.

The ice queen has begun to melt.

The following work of fantasy fiction includes explicit sexual content and is not for people under 18.

The man from the barren lands of the distant north journeyed to the south, to The Kingdom of the Frozen Sands in The Great Wasteland that straddled the world.

He was huge. There is an ancient myth that his people once bred with the monstrous giant beasts of the north. He did not believe it since he enjoyed his women far too much to imagine sex with a beast, but still he had long hair of pure white like those massive creatures and while he was 7 feet tall, his body was thick and bulging with muscles.

Like all who live in the tortured lands of the endless night, his skin was hardened to the cold, and even as he trudged slowly along the icy surface of The Frozen Sands he needed little protection from the chilling wind. His long beard was all he needed to shield his face and over his shoulders hung the skin of one of the great northern beasts that he was supposed to love. He had slain it with his bare hands and its thick white fur was more than enough to protect him from even the coldest nights. Hide cut from the same beast wrapped his feet and protected them from the barbs of ice he crunched with every step.

Beyond that, what could he need? His people were pragmatic and had very little, so they wasted nothing. But for the cloak of fur that fluttered out behind him, his muscular body was left open to the elements.

It did not bother him in the slightest, of course. His muscles were so thick on his body that they kept him warmer than any cloth could. His people laughed at freezing weather. The kind of chill that could shrink a proud man's balls like dried fruit could not even touch him through the thick white hair that grew between his legs, covering him completely as a natural defense.

And that was why he had made the long journey over all those miles. While the people of the north struggled to survive on their barren land, to any other man the cold that he felt now would have been crippling. It was here that he would find his fortune.

At last he came to the top of the dune and stopped to gaze across the desert. The sight was breathtaking and strange even to one so used to landscapes of ice.

Though the land was gleaming ice, it seemed to roll in folds that swept off to the horizon. All around him the ground was made of sand as though it had once been flowing and caressed by the wind, but now it was forever locked in ice. What had once been shifting dunes were now ancient ice mountains never to move again.

Above it all, far in the distance, he could see the prize that he had come for. It was a towering crystal palace, it's white walls covered in ice so that it shone as bright as a diamond in the harsh glare of a blazing white sun.

As he drew slowly closer, he could make out the ruins of the kingdom that once surrounded that palace. It must have been glorious, but now it was destroyed by the ravages of the unyielding cold.

Of course he knew the story; it was as famous as The Frozen Sands themselves.

This land had once been as hot as any could bear and the air rippled over the flowing sand as though the sky were made of water as the sun grew huge enough to boil away the darkest cloud.

Back then The Great Wasteland was as dry as it would be for all time. Not a drop of water could survive for miles in any direction. It was the belt of death that was wrapped around the world and there were but two places in all of that desert where one could find relief. This kingdom whose name has been lost in the depths of history was one of those places.

Buried deep in the palace was a legendary spring that gave an endless supply of pure water, enough to quench the thirst of an army of ten thousand men, and far more than enough to bathe the kingdom in gold and riches beyond the wildest lusts of the greatest kings.

And so it should be no surprise that it was a queen who ruled over this land. She was young and full of life and said to be the most beautiful in all the kingdom.

Her parents, the old King and Queen, loved her with all their heart, charmed by her gorgeous blue eyes that sparkled like cool water but were filled with great warmth whenever she looked upon her mother and father. They cared for her and pampered her, letting her live without the slightest desire unfulfilled.

And so, when her parents grew weary of their duties and retired to a life of leisure, the princess was totally unprepared to become Queen Naya of the richest kingdom in all The Great Wasteland.

Naya had nothing in her heart for the people she ruled and they suffered for it. She made many bad decisions as the careless queen of a wealthy kingdom, but her final mistake cost her everything.

Hanto was a man to be envied. At the age of 30 he had been doing a job that he loved for 12 years everyday without fail. He was the best at what he did.

He groaned in pleasure as he gazed down at the smooth and beautiful back of the gorgeous dark-haired young woman beneath him and thrust his tense shaft into her as he had so many times before. He grasped her firm breasts with both hands and rocked his hips so that his twitching member would pump harder and harder. To him it was work, but there was so much pleasure in it.

The squirming young body against his hips let out a little cry and then stiffened, her flesh contracting around his shaft, grinding into it's thrusts until his manhood was dripping with her fluids.

"Oh, Kala!" gasped the still thrusting Hanto, "You are amazing!" as his flesh twitched and jerked, then swelled, the heat within his penis like a blazing inferno until a steady stream of thick white seed went gurgling up its length to explode inside her.

There was a long low, groan of pleasure from Kala as she felt herself filled by him, her muscles still tense around his aching dick as she lay on her hands and knees, her bare breasts cradled in his palms. She tried to speak, but she was trembling too hard to form words with her soft lips. She wanted to thank him for the wonderful feelings he gave her.

At last she felt him pull out and he flopped backwards onto a mountain of luxurious pillows with a groan. His erection was still rock hard, its veins standing out and pulsating as one last spurt of sticky white fluid leaked from its tip and dribbled down towards his hairless balls.

Instantly there were a half-dozen young women upon him, all crowding between his spread legs, edging against each other for a chance to lick his manhood, quickly scooping up his fluid as their tongues ran the length of his very long shaft.

His seed tasted great to them, perhaps because they knew that he could never make anyone pregnant. Because of the great wealth of this kingdom, the royal family could afford exotic luxuries from distant lands, and one of the most fantastic was a strange, foul-smelling oil. Each drop of it was worth more than his weight in gold, but when applied correctly to his balls it had effect of completely eliminating the potency of his seed. It was an uncomfortable loss for him, but very important when ones job is to be the lord of the King's harem.

The harem was the King's collection of about a score of young women, each designed to satisfy his appetites for womanly beauty in some way. But of course the harem did not merely disappear when the King was not making use of it, and as the king grew older he visited less and less. So it fell to Hanto, the Harem Master, to keep the women fed, clothed, and occupied.

The oil had been designed by skilled alchemists in a far away place just for the purpose of being applied to a manhood such as his so that he could do this job. Even as it took something from him, it caused his balls to swell and grow heavy. He now found that he could easily satisfy a dozen women each day with little rest, making him a far better Harem Master than any other man could be.

He smirked in amusement as he watched the women licking and suckling his throbbing shaft, their slender fingers caressing it, and he thought, "That oil didn't hurt the size of my penis, either."

From a short distance away, lying atop another pile of pillows, Kala was watching. She was naked still, as most harem girls are much of the time. Her arms were crossed under her chin and her feet where swaying in the air above her butt. With a long, deep sigh she gazed upon Hanto as the warmth he had given her finally spread through her body and faded.

The harem chamber was a masterpiece of luxury, a huge vault covered in silky-smooth white marble and with soft pillows piled high everywhere. There were fountains of crystal clear water at the four corners of the room to cool the heat from their young bodies, and everything their hearts could desire was within their grasp, everything except freedom. Though anything they wanted could be brought to them, the price was that they could never leave this room. The entire harem must be within easy access of the King at all times.

The other girls seemed quite happy with their endless supply of delicious food, great sex, and silky fabrics, but Kala was especially unhappy. She wanted her privacy, to be alone with her thoughts, and much more than that, she wanted to be alone with Hanto.

Even before the first time he had serviced her sexually, she had fallen deeply in love with him, his handsome face, his kind nature, his muscular abs and strong arms. That he was the only man she was allowed to see other than the King had only strengthened her devotion. Yet her love was not returned. How could she dare confess her feelings to him? She could never be alone with him and she could never join him in his life outside these walls. All she had ever done to show her love was gaze longingly at him with her moist green eyes and try to offer him the best sex he had ever had.

But far too soon, there came the ringing of a little silver bell that hung near the iron gates of the harem chamber. It was attached to a cord that led straight to the throne room and it could only mean that Hanto's presence was required by the young Queen Naya.

The room filled with moans of disappointment as naked or nearly naked girls licked their lips and watched their man climb to his feet and pull on his pants. He groaned also as he awkwardly stuffed his swollen flesh into the thin, flowing fabric that swept down over his athletic legs.

He expected that this would not be a comfortable meeting for him. He had lusted for the princess since she had started to show signs of womanhood. Now that she was 19, her eyes were still just as beautiful and she was still just as unobtainable, and with his shaft throbbing in his pants, he would have a very difficult time looking at her.

He made his way through the lavish palace with a quick pace. Like everyone in the burning desert, he wore loose, flowing clothes that could effectively conceal the excitement which burned just as hot in his pants. He left the smooth, hairless skin of upper body exposed, with the exception of the long, dark hair that that hung almost over his eyes. He enjoyed showing off the carefully sculpted muscles that he had been perfected over the years, and he was rarely exposed to the direct glare of the sun while sheltered in the palace.

The Queen had grown from a cute little royal brat into a breathtaking young woman with amazing speed and precision. Her body was subtly decorated in gold and silk, with a thin gold belt holding up the formless white pants that covered her and kept her cool. She had golden bands around her wrists and her perfectly round breasts seemed like their firm flesh had been poured into the golden cups that she wore strapped to her chest. She was one of the few women that would wear something that fit tight against her breasts in this heat, and it made her look all the more startling.

Hanto had felt himself starting to soften as he approached the throne room, but he had to hold back a moan of frustration when he saw her beauty sitting poised upon her silver throne and his shaft jerked back up to stand straight in his pants.

There was a smile on her youthful lips as she noticed his arrival and she immediately began to speak pleasantly, "Oh, there you are, Hanto. I apologize that I have been calling you so often lately, but since I have become queen, it would not be appropriate for me to show myself with common harem girls. Even as a princess it was inappropriate, but now I must do my best to avoid it. Do you understand?"

With an obedient nod, Hanto said, "Of course, your majesty. The girls will miss your attention, but I am sure they will see your wisdom." He had first been attracted to her as a princess when she had been making frequent visits to the harem to amuse herself with the harem girls.

"I still value your friendship, but I can't spend time with you as I did, especially now when my duties are troubling me so." A frown crept back onto the lips of her small mouth as she thought about it.

Though he suspected that he already knew the answer, Hanto asked, "What troubles you, majesty?"

"I went out among the commoners today, Hanto," said the Queen, smiling at the opportunity to vent her frustration, "and I discovered that they no longer adore me since I became queen." Shaking her head in astonishment, she quickly added, "Surely they should have even more respect for me, now that I am their absolute ruler!"

He groaned inwardly and then said as politely as he could, "Your majesty, perhaps they are upset because you have doubled the price of water since you became queen."

Exquisite blue eyes slowly widened and then she gasped, "Are you suggesting that this is my fault? It is my water! Those greedy commoners should pay whatever I demand if they want to drink from my cup. How dare you suggest otherwise?!"

"I am not the one who is upset," he said with a shrug, "Of course you can ask for whatever you desire from your people, but you are causing the poor to die of thirst and the rich to become poor."

When she rose from her throne, his heart felt like it stopped for an instant beneath the firm muscles of his bare chest. He knew that someone had to talk to the queen about her foolish behaviour for the sake of the kingdom, but perhaps it could have been someone else. Now that she was queen, he might actually have been putting his life at risk by angering her.

The subtle threat in her gaze made his loins swell and quiver even more.

"You never spoke to my father that way, Hanto." Her voice was suddenly calm as she walked slowly towards him, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. "I hope you don't think that just because you knew me as a princess that you have the liberty of disrespecting me as a queen."

He swallowed hard and stared warily at her as he said quickly, "No, majesty."

"I wonder," she said with a little smirk, unconvinced. "Being the queen is not as easy as you would think. I have so much power, so much wealth, that I can do anything I want, but no one respects me the way they respect my parents."

He stood perfectly still as she walked in slow circles around him, her fingertips very lightly tracing the curves of his muscular upper-body, and she spoke in soft, conspiratorial tones.

"What can all this power get me that I did not already have as a child? All I have done these past weeks has been to collect more useless gold. I don't even want it. How many rooms full of treasure can one woman desire? But what else is there?"

Turning his head to follow her with his eyes, Hanto could think of only one thing in the face of how well the young queen's body had matured, but he did not dare suggest it.

At last she stopped in front of him and faced him, a soft hand pressed firmly to his chest, her fingers spread as she said, "As a girl I heard the harem girls often speak of how you treated them, the way you touched them. I haven't stopped thinking of those stories."

"Your majesty, I..." he began breathily, but she quickly silenced him with firm words, drawing closer as she spoke, "You have no idea how frustrating it is to be like a goddess with nothing to exercise her power upon. I have been thinking about this for a very long time, but I'm not a girl anymore and finally I have the courage to do something."

A muffled cry of shock filled the empty room as her lips suddenly smothered his and she pounced upon him. Her metal-coated breasts smacked his chest and he found his back pushed against the finely polished stones of the walls, as smooth as ice against his bare skin as her hot mouth covered his and her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

As his arms came around her waist and he moaned against her lips, he could feel his manhood swelling so fast that it was straining against his loose pants. As she filled his mouth with the taste of her lips, she could feel the sharp poke of his excitement against her bare belly.

Finally she broke off, her lips glistening wet as she stared at him with huge, crystal clear eyes and kept her body pressed to him so that it pinned his aching shaft. Her breathing was heavy as she sucked new air into her lungs and he was so excited that he could not find any words.

"Now that I don't have to ask my parents for things, I'm going to get what I really want," said her hot whisper, "You are going to be my harem, my toy. I own you and you'll give me everything you've ever given those harem girls, or I'll throw you out with the waste."

"Yes, majesty," came the panting reply as his strong arms suddenly squeezed her around the hips and lifted her so that her breasts squished against his chest and she gave a little cry of surprise.

Squeezing his shoulders with her delicate fingers, she stammered, "What're you...?!"

Her silk-clad rear wiggled in the air as she was carried across the room in a few strides, and when she was gently lowered into her metal throne, her belt came off in Hanto's hands, leaving her pants to flow down off her smooth hips and her bare bottom to feel the chill of the sparkling metal.

"Hanto, you can't just..." came a weak little protest, but her heart was racing and her cheeks felt hot. Her loins were burning and leaking onto the cool silver beneath her as she realized that reality was going to be far more exciting than any of her private little fantasies of how her first time would be.

"I can if you want me to," he said as he suddenly dropped his pants to stand completely naked before the throne, his legs spread, his veiny member jutting out at her and hanging so that it aimed straight between her legs.

"Oh Hanto!" came a breath, "You're so..." as Naya's eyes instantly flicked down from his face to openly stare at aching erection. It looked almost like those beautiful blue eyes would grow to the size of saucers. She had heard that he was big from the other girls, but it was beyond belief.

Her hands clenched where she held her pants up, trembling as she stared at him. She shook her head slowly and whispered, "This is all happening so fast. I don't..."

Soft hands came to rest upon his chest again as he leaned forward and her pants slid off as she wiggled all the way to the back of the throne. It was as if she were trying to hold him away, but there was no resistance in her arms and soon there was a heavy tube of hot meat resting against her naked thigh.

He wrapped his arms around her again and pulled her close as he whispers, "You don't want it?" But he could feel her eagerness on the tip of his shaft, the way her folds quivered, so hot and moist, even hotter than his own burning lust. He knew from long experience that she wanted it.

There was a delicate little cry of excitement and her hips suddenly jerked as she felt the throbbing tip bumping and rubbing against her clitoris. His flesh had already protruded from its covering and hers was quickly doing the same. She was arching her back and writhing at that touch, the fluids leaking from him moistening their slick skin as it rubbed together.

She gave a long, hard moan and snatched his penis, holding it tightly in one hand just to slow its movements. The sensations it was giving her virgin loins were so intense that it felt like she was on fire, far more than she was prepared for. This was moving so fast that it was frightening her, but she could feel that it was the kind of excitement that she had always longed for in her isolated life.

As the thick flesh pulsated in her hand, intensely hot against her palm, she stared down at it in wonder and whispered, "I want it."

There was a broad grin on his face as he bent down to wrap his arms under her thighs and pull her forward again, this time raising her up as well so that her hips left the throne and she was completely exposed to him.

She still held his erection and he let her guide it as he pushed his hips between her legs, moving forward slowly but inevitably as he said softly, "It's yours. Take it." His excitement was burning in him so hot that he could manage to say little more than that.

The Queen planted the shaft right where it was needed, so that its burning tip squished against the delicate flower of her loins and he could feel the resistance of her maidenhood.

A yelp echoed off the majestic stone walls of the large room as he plowed into her with a single firm stroke. The yelp was hers; he was far too busy letting out a long, drawn out groan of pleasure as he felt his penis sinking deeper and deeper into her hot belly, her flesh enveloping his.

He held back even as his monster twitched inside her as he felt her fingers clench on his arms in discomfort. He gave her a few very slow, soothing strokes until he heard deep moans of pleasure. Her body was so tight and his manhood was so thick that she clung to him like a second skin and each stroke caused her to quiver and squirm. He was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Then he was pounding into her fast and hard, causing her hips to jerk with every stroke, her whole body slamming against her throne until her shoulders were aching, but it felt good to her and she cried, "Oh yes! More, more!" in a weak and breathy voice as the fluids of her loins coated his swollen erection and the bare skin of his balls smacked against her butt.

His teeth clenched to try to hold in his cries, every thrust like a bolt of lightning straight into his guts as the heat of his loins grew and grew and he gazed down upon her sweaty and smooth skin and most of all he stared in awe of her beautiful eyes. She was nothing like his harem girls, she was driving him wild. She was the sweet forbidden fruit that had made his penis ache for years.

Before he even realized what was happening, there was a huge gush of pleasure and his muscles tensed. He groaned deeply and fell to his knees as his hot fluid flooded her, glob after glob of it pumping forth from his penis.

He was panting and wrapped his arms around the trembling little queen as he pulled his dribbling manhood from her body. He had once gone for three hours with a beautiful harem girl, but with Naya he had barely managed five minutes. He knew that he had not given her an orgasm.

Even so, she was more than ready for a break. she closed her eyes as she hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder, his bare skin against hers, both burning hot. She moaned softly and gently caressed her tender folds with the tips of her fingers. It had been the third most intense experience that she would ever have in her life and she was only days away from the top two.

He carried her to her bed chamber, not far from the throne room. He left their clothes in piles around the throne as he set her gently down on the luxurious bed that had been her parents's only a short while ago.

Joining her on the bed, he rested with her in his arms. They just breathed for a long moment, their warm skin pressed together, his penis still hard and pushed up against her flat belly.

It did not take long before their naked bodies were rolling in the expensive sheets, and finally she ended up on top, straddling him with his rock-hard erection throbbing with bulging veins and aimed straight up between her legs.

He put his hands on her hips and grinned as she laughed and put her hands on his shaft, guiding it into position as he thrust his hips up and pulled her down until he could feel the walls of her moist tunnel squeezing him in a powerful embrace.

She rode his shaft and felt it hot and slick in her body as she was pumped up and down its length. She felt him spreading her walls wide with his massive tube of flesh, and though she moaned and enjoyed herself, no matter how hard he tried he could not push her over the edge.

Sweat made his smooth skin gleam as he clenched his teeth and tried harder, pumping into her with all his strength, his palms stroking up and down her thighs with each thrust, but she just bounced up and down and moaned in pleasure, not even sweating in the burning heat. The throbbing between her legs was like a slow burning flame that blazed in her loins and as she rested her hands on his chest and felt his sculpted muscles, she tried to unleash herself to be consumed by the flames.

Naya groaned in frustration and pumped her thighs, pounding her moist flesh upon his shaft harder and harder so that her fluids were squirting out as her rear slapped against his thighs. She was desperate for the release that she could feel so close against her hot skin but just out of her grasp.

The force of their thrusts was so great that even his thick erection began to bend with each pump of her hips and it quivered under the strain until each time her body smacked against his it felt like electricity shooting through him. He could not breath and his muscles twitched uncontrollably; finally he could hold back no longer.

It exploded out from him like a fountain, the hot, thick flow running deep into her and filling her as their fluids became one, already evaporating in the desert heat. His hands tensed on her hips as he gave a hard groan that soon became of cry of pleasure. As she felt him writhing in pleasure beneath her hands and against her loins, she groaned in frustration and clenched her teeth, trying to pump harder, her breasts heaving with each wild thrust of her hips, but the strain was too much even for one as powerful as Hanto and the shaft failed, it's flesh collapsing and softening until it was completely limp and useless, still dribbling out a little white fluid.

When she discovered that she had nothing left to push against, she moaned and flopped down against his chest. Her arms wrapped around him as he embraced her, her bosom pinned against his muscles, their sweat fading quickly from their skin as she said breathily, "Hanto, why aren't you hard anymore? I'm not ready to stop," and from the touch of her breasts against his skin they seemed hot and swollen and she new that she must be blushing intensely.

He felt his fingers in her long black hair and moaned weakly, shaking his head as he said, "I'm sorry, your majesty. I don't understand what happened. No woman has ever lasted longer than I have," as her slender fingers traced the way down his muscles across his belly to softly grasp and stroke his limp tool.

There was a deep groan that vibrated out from his large chest and into her body as she kneaded his fat tube and said with a smile, "It's alright. Let's just try again, one more time. I know it will be wonderful."

Squirming in pleasure, he groaned again, "But, your majesty, I'm too tired. I've used up all my strength trying to please you!" and despite her efforts, he would not swell between her fingers.

The Queen slowly frowned and pushed her hands against his chest, lifting herself out of his embrace to stare down at him with wide blue eyes as she stammered, "What?! But...but you can't just stop!"

Silence followed and he made no reply but for the frown on his face. In all the wild fantasies he had of making love to the queen, even those that the harem girls had helped him with, he had never even considered that it might end like this.

At last Naya just groaned and rolled off his body to lay on her back beside him with one arm flopped over his chest and the other gently caressing the flesh between her legs. It was swollen and burning hot and every time her fingertip strayed near her clitoris it made her hand twitch, but she resisted the urge to stroke herself.

"Don't tell anyone about this," she said firmly, giving him a severe gaze with her cool blue eyes, "You do not even want to know what I would do if my parents were to find out about what we just did."

They slept together as the sun set, their bodies exposed to the warm air of the night. Hanto fell asleep quickly despite how Naya would squirm and stroke her thighs. It took almost an hour for the fire in her loins to calm enough for her to sleep, and even then it did not fully go away.

That very night, it began to snow....

Continued in The Ice Queen Part 2.

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