I've gathered all my memories and my dreams to put them away in a wooden chest.
In a secret treasure box:

- 2 Roses (one is red, the other is white) ;
- an empty package of cigarettes, which was The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got ;
- a baby-blue lighter, that Bee lost, accidentally on purpose ;
- 2 pieces of paper with your writing on them
- a wooden ruler, which you forgot when you gave me that Medical Tests Book to copy ;
- some innocent hugs and a couple of smiles, containing what it used to be my world

Now, I'm trying to lock you there, because Bruder's words keep carving inside. Popping out and vacillating.
Squishing my last drops of feminine ego, on which you so many times cleaned thy shoes.It might work, this time...
It just might work...

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