Queen of the Mop

She's a Disney Princess Girl
sparkles pink and pretty swirls
glitterati in lace and pearls
ponies dance in ads for girls

Razzle dazzle all in a whirl
hiding truth and teasing girls
When the Princess becomes a Queen
The story's over: no more dreams

The prince has come with weapons bright
Slays the dragon, wins the fight
Rescues Princess, fade to haze
Happy ever after days

Queen duties beckon: wear the ring
No share in power with the King
Archetype shows just one role
Bear a child: that's the whole

The exception are the virgin Queens
They have power, they are seen seen
Men flock like hovering bees to flowers
Elizabeth held staunch virgin power

But Princess won by the prince
American Girl now does her stint
The glitter is gone, the music stops
Queen of children, Queen of the mop

Perfect mom in ads galore
Perfect house and gleaming floor
Joy in washing stains from clothes
And buying children Princess bows

The measure of which Queen Mom is best?
Queen Consumer above the rest?
Sacrifice for your little girl
And take your Princess to Disney World

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