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This story begins in part 1: The Ice Queen.

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The following work of fantasy fiction includes explicit sexual content and is not for people under 18.

"It looks like the snow has stopped," said Kala with a disappointed sigh as she looked up into the cloudy sky through the high open window of the harem, just out of reach. The innocent harem girl was standing in flowing white pants with her arms folded over her belly as the pale gray light streamed in through the window and softly lit the curves of her bare upper body.

She sighed again and then walked over to where Hanto lay naked on a pile of pillows, his large penis resting lazily against his thigh. The other harem girls were scattered and quietly amusing themselves, so she flopped down onto the pillows beside him and wrapped him in her arms.

"How did your meeting with the Queen go? You were gone all night!"

He sighed and took her in his strong arms, pressing his bare skin against hers as he said reluctantly, "It wasn't what I expected. The Queen is an amazing woman."

Kala stroked his cheek with the tips of her fingers and her bare breasts were plump and firm against his chest as she pouted and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Master. I know how frustrating it must be for you. Queen Naya is a very beautiful woman. Do you think she will visit again sometime soon?"

"No, I'm sorry," he said with a little shake of his head, his hand sliding down her back to caress her shapely butt, "She said that she can't play with you girls now that she's queen."

The pout turned into a frown and Kala said with a touch of sadness, "Really? But I liked her. Who will come visit us if not her? The King is too old now."

Hanto smiled and stroked his fingers through her long, dark hair to cheer her up as he said pleasantly, "Don't worry; I won't let you get lonely. Don't I always find ways to keep you entertained?"

Kala smiled again and rubbed her nose against his as she says lightly, "Yeah, you always do. Would you like me to be the Queen again? I bet it would make you feel better."

There was a deep groan as he laughed and slowly grinned and she felt his manhood swelling and poking against her thigh as she giggled and pushed away, saying happily, "I know at least one part of you wants me to!"

She quickly scrambled up to the top of the pile of pillows and spread her arms as she stood above all the other girls and declared, "All hail Queen Naya!"

Instantly a wave of giggles rolled across the room and all the girls became excited again. They knew what was happening. They all rushed in to the center of the room and formed a circle around Kala's pile of pillows. They got on their knees and bowed deeply, crying out things like, "Oh great and glorious queen!" and "We are not worthy to gaze upon your beauty!" and "Oh wise and noble Naya, what wisdom do you have for us today?"

"Worship me!" called out Kala, raising the pitch of her voice and imitating the young queen, "Bow to me and give me all your money! I am so rich that I had my tits gold-plated to keep them from sagging!"

Hanto was on his knees and bowing with the rest as all the girls laughed and smiled broadly. Then Kala pretended to notice Hanto for the first time and there was a hush in the crowd as Kala gestured for him to rise.

"Mighty Lord Hanto," said Kala in a firm and commanding tone, "I would speak with you," and as he rose her green eyes darted down to the shaft that stood out from his body, its veins gently throbbing, its tip poking out from its covering, and she bit her lip.

"Yes, your majesty?" asked Hanto with complete seriousness.

Kala slowly stepped down the pile of pillows until she was standing at his level and she lifted her nose into the air and said with a smirk, "I have decided that you are too good to share with all those harem girls. In my great wisdom, I see that a good man like you needs to be able to devote all of his attention upon just one woman."

Happy sighs filled the room as Kala gazed deeply into Hanto's eyes and he said quickly, "But what about the harem? They need me to take care of them!"

Suddenly she pressed her body against his and grasped his shoulders, her lips an inch from his mouth so that he could feel her hot and excited breath. "Hanto, I've fallen madly in love with you. Forget the other girls; live with me in the palace and be my king!"

"But Naya...I..." he stammered but she silenced him with a moist kiss, her lips hot as she took his mouth into hers and mixed their fluids together. She tasted him deeply as her breasts rubbed slowly up and down his chest, her swollen nipples dragging against his skin.

So her hand was wrapped around his hard shaft and her pants had fallen about her ankles. She breathed, "Take me now, my love! Take me with your great rod of power!" and his hands were wrapping around her body, lifting her and laying her down in silky soft pillows.

Her legs were spread and her wet, hairless folds gleamed and quivered with excitement. This was one of her favorite games; it always ended the same way, but it never got dull.

Then the thick rod impaled her, ramming deep into her flesh, filling her tender void with his burning hot meat as he grasped her hips and her back arched, lifted off the pillows with the force of his thrust.

There was a deep moan of pleasure as he felt his heat cooled by her fluids as they coated every inch of his manhood, and he thrust faster and faster as her opening became slick. Even as her muscles squeezed him, and her legs wrapped around his hips, he pounded his hips against her loins and his flesh jerked deep inside her.

The other girls giggled as they watched with wide eyes and cried out playfully. "Go for it, Master!" "Careful, Master! I doubt sweet, innocent Naya's even heard of one that big!"

He held her close as her rammed his manhood deep into her again and again, pushing her hips back and causing her whole body to lurch with every stroke. He appreciated Kala's beautiful body, more mature than the Queen and with breasts more shapely and round. He watched those breasts bounce as his heavy balls swung up to smack into her butt, her fluids leaking out and running down his shaft.

His aching soon began to throb so hard that it was sure to burst and for a moment of horror he thought that he might have the same problem with Kala that he had with the real Naya. He clenched his teeth and moaned desperately; he could not allow his precious charges to see him with such weakness.

"Oh, Hanto!" screamed Kala as the burning passion in her loins suddenly brpke free and surged out into her body, causing her muscles to tense and twitch as she writhed in pleasure, her bare feet kicking at the pillows as her hips bucked and twisted around the monstrous meat buried within.

As he felt her clench down upon his flesh like a vise, he groaned in relief and his seed began to pump up his long tube. He hugged her against his toned chest as he sent the thick, sticky fluid gushing into her, filling her with his warmth.

Just as she was enjoying the heat flowing threw her and his warm embrace, he pulled away and his shaft popped out of her to splatter fluid across her belly. The other girls were all screaming, "My turn! My turn!" and she sighed softly as she sunk into the pillows and he left to thrust his still rock-hard manhood into another dozen hot, eager holes.

The sorceress noticed the frown on Kala's face as the harem girl hugged herself and lay still. Cool fingers caressed Kala's cheek.

Kala opened her eyes and gasped at what she saw. The sorceress was kneeling there on the pillows and completely naked, those startling black eyes gazing down upon Kala. Of course, mere bare skin would never shock a harem girl, but the pure white of the Sorceress's skin was so pale that it seemed translucent. One could see through the woman as if she were not there, and if Kala had not been looking straight at the sorceress, Kala never would have noticed her.

It was an indescribable visual effect and Kala could only guess that her mind was playing tricks on her, that this unearthly looking woman was some sort of dream. Kala's hand reached out into the air before her and grasped something cool where there should have been nothing. It was soft and smooth and colder than anything she had felt in her life; it made her skin tingle even in that moment of contact. It was unmistakably real and solid, even though she could not see it, and it was unmistakably a woman's large breast.

There was a breathy, hushed laugh and the sorceress put her finger to her lips and whispered, "Speak quietly. The others won't notice me if you don't draw their attention."

"You're real!" gasped Kala, then whispered, "Who are you?! Why can't I see you?"

"I'm a traveling sorceress," came the hushed response to both questions.

Kala could only gape for a long moment. Being visited by one of the six sorceresses was only a little more likely than being visited by creatures from another planet, yet how could she not believe this mirage of a woman?

"Why are you here?" breathed the harem girl.

The sorceress turned and glanced over her shoulder at the dark-haired Hanto, his body slick with sweat as he pounded his thick shaft into yet another woman and groaned in pleasure.

The phantom whispered, "He is a very handsome man, isn't he?"

Biting her lip, Kala only nodded.

Once again, soft fingertips caressed Kala's cheek and it was startling how cold they were. It was like the touch of a breeze in the coldest heart of night, when the air nips at exposed skin mercilessly even in the desert. For most it would be nothing special, before for one who has spent her entire life in warmth it was like an electric shock.

The sorceress took no notice as the young woman tensed. "You truly love him, don't you?"

Taking a sharp breath, Kala's eyes widened and she suddenly whispered, "How did you know?"

"I was watching your performance. It was quite good."

"I love him, but I can never truly be with him," came a very soft, sad voice, "I am doomed to live my life as a harem girl."

Still stroking that cheek, the sorceress sighed softly and said, "I understand how you feel."

"Can you help me?" was whispered as sad green eyes gazed up into the half-visible face of the beautiful sorceress.

There was a long silence and Kala began to worry that the sorceress had disappeared entirely, but then the response came, "I could easily take you out of here, but I could not give you a life with him outside the harem. You would just be punished and thrown back in, and I could not protect you from that."

"Of course, I knew that," sighed Kala as she frowned as she hugged herself again, and the ghostly image of the sorceress finally faded.

As the sorceress walked unnoticed through the room, she watched Hanto penetrating many women and saw the fluids splattering around and the power of his huge, hard shaft. Most of all, her wise and ancient eyes saw how much he cared for each woman and how he loved them all like family. For the first time that she could remember, she felt heat begin to build between her legs. The thought of coming out of hiding and joining in the fun came to her mind unbidden.

"Where did you disappear to?" asked Naya with a frown when the sorceress finally returned to the throne room, dressed again in her black robes.

With a small shrug, the dark woman said, "I had business to attend to," and the way she said it closed the matter.

Days passed without incident and the sorceress carved her ice while Naya watched in awe. And when Naya was not watching, the sorceress was watching Hanto and secretly admiring his body and lusting for him. She was carefully planning how she would approach him as each day the burning in her loins grew more intense. Though she would never guess it, someone was thinking very much the same way about her.

One day while the sorceress was carving out the last fine details of a huge galloping stallion in some empty corner of the palace, Naya appeared unexpectedly.

She cleared her throat and said uncertainly, "Hello, Sorceress, that's a very nice sculpture," to which the sorceress merely shrugged. They were all very nice.

After a long, awkward silence, Naya continued, "Did you have to make him so excited?"

The sorceress almost groaned as she realized that she had been thinking of Hanto while creating this particular horse and her hands had moved so fast that she was not aware of what she had given the beast between his hind legs until just this moment.

But of course she would not admit her mistake and merely said, "If you don't like it I can easily make another one."

"Oh no!" said Naya casually, "I think it's fine. In fact, I was wondering if you would teach me to carve ice the way you do."

There was another long pause as the sorceress turned to stare at the Queen and the Queen stared right back. For this sculpture the sorceress had gotten excited enough that she actually removed her robes to relieve the heat and was standing next to the raging stallion in only her underwear.

Clear blue eyes flowed down the sorceress's nearly bare body, tracing the outline of her curves as the long steel blade was wiped on the thin black fabric covering her belly. After a few quick strokes to clean the chisel, the sorceress smiled and said, "If that is what you want, I can show you the basics. It would take you many years of practice to become as skilled as I am."

She waved the blade like a wand over and empty part of the floor and ice quickly flowed up through the cracks like water, then solidified into a smooth, white slab. Such magic had become almost common in this palace and Naya's only reaction was to nod and say quickly, "Alright, I want to try."

A loud crack filled the air as the sorceress swung the blade down hard upon the block, breaking off a heavy chunk with a single stroke and causing it to fall and shatter on the stone floor.

"The first step is to form the coarse structure of your sculpture but slicing away the excess ice. You need to know what you are going to sculpt and swing your blade with confidence. If the angle of your blade is wrong when it hits the ice, it will crack instead of giving you a clean cut."

Wiping off the blade again, the sorceress turned it around and pushed the wooden handle towards Naya. "Can you do that?"

Biting her lip, Naya took the chisel and held it firmly. She swayed it back and forth, testing its weight and said with a smile, "I think so. It looks fun."

The first cut seemed to go well, but halfway into the block of ice, the blade suddenly snagged and held fast, almost yanking out of Naya's grasp. She grunted and pulled on it, struggling to free the chisel.

"Here, let me help you," said the sorceress with a little laugh and wrapped her fingers around the handle over Naya's, so the sorceress was really grasping Naya's hand. That cool touch instantly sent a shiver down Naya's spine and it made her hand tingle like electricity. It felt good, but the sensation was so intense that Naya did not think she could stand it for long.

It only took a moment before the blade suddenly pulled free. With the sorceress's guidance, it came so easily that it took Naya by surprise and the younger woman slammed back against the sorceress, causing a gasp as firm breasts ground against Naya's hard shoulder blades.

With a gasp, Naya spun around and said, "Oh! Are you alright?!" a hand instantly going to cup one of those breasts, feeling it through the silky black fabric for an instant as if trying to sooth it before the sorceress quickly brushed the hand away and said firmly, "Yes, I am perfectly fine."

All of this contact was exactly not what the sorceress needed to calm her treacherous loins, even if it was only a woman.

The breast had felt strange, so cold, so much more firm than Naya's own breasts, but Naya got what she wanted to know; she had felt the swollen nub of the sorceress's nipple through the fabric. The sorceress was excited and the thought was like a spark on oil deep within Naya's shivering flesh.

"Try it again," the sorceress instructed firmly.

With each lesson, Naya did her best to touch as much of the sorceress as possible and soon both their loins were blazing hot after each lesson. Naya had found no release with Hanto, but the sorceress was far more powerful than any mere mortal. She was surely able to give the young queen what she needed so badly, but it had to be handled slowly and carefully.

"You are improving very quickly, Naya," said the sorceress one day, nodding in approval at the clean and shapely practice cuts that the chisel was making in the ice as Naya stroked it back and forth along the cool surface.

Biting her lip and concentrating on her fingers, Naya made slow and careful slices, carving off fine layers of crushed ice from the perfect sphere of ice she was trying to form. As she worked, she managed to slowly say, "Yes, I've got a lot more control now," trying not to break her concentration.

"You have all the fundamental skills that are needed. All that is left is to practice."

Naya sighed and lowered the chisel as she turned her gaze back to the sorceress and said with a little smile, "You've been very patient and kind with me. When we first met I was actually a little scared of you!"

"You were right to be!" said the sorceress with a gentle laugh, "My sisters and I have very dangerous abilities. Any one of us could wipe out an army or destroy a kingdom."

"But you would never hurt me, would you?"

With a calm shake of her head and a smile, the sorceress said, "You can trust in me. I have everything here that I could ever desire; nothing could make me betray you."

"I knew it. You're my friend and we are going to be together for a very long time," as she picked up the chisel again and stared at it thoughtfully.

"You can have that tool as a gift, if you desire it. You will need to practice every day if you want to be a skilled sculptor."

The blade gleamed as Naya tightened her grasp and gazed down at it for a long time, then said softly, "Thank you, Sorceress. I promise that I won't disappoint you!"

And then there was silence as the sorceress just nodded in approval and smiled. She liked Naya, still too young to be a good queen but that would change soon enough and she had a good, innocent heart that was easily excited by exploring new things. For a moment the cold and powerful woman even considered asking Naya to free Kala and Hanto to be together, but it was still too soon for that. Such things could wait until after the sorceress had her turn with Hanto.

Finally, Naya spoke again, this time with hesitation in her voice, "I know what I would like to practice sculpting. Would you mind if I used you as a model?"

The sorceress's dark eyes grew wide and she was at a loss for words for a moment, but Naya looked uncomfortable as the question just hung silently in the air, so eventually cold lips form the words, "You want to sculpt me? Surely you should start with something fundamental and beautiful like a swan."

With a little groan and a laugh, Naya said quickly, "Come on, I already have a swan. I want something new, and anyway, you are way more beautiful than anything else I've ever seen."

If the sorceress had blushed then, it would have been the only time in all of history that a being such as her would show such a human response. It almost happened and she was shocked by the feeling of warmth within herself, but she just swallowed and nodded silently.

Walking over to a fresh block of ice, Naya smiled and tested the blade by quickly shaving a fine sheet of ice from the block and watching it turn to powder as it hit the floor. She looked at the sorceress again as if expecting something, but nothing happened.

After a moment, she pressed. "Could you take off your robe for me? You have such a nice figure; I want to capture it in the sculpture."

The sorceress shrugged and complied without a word. The robe was opened and slipped from her body in a simple, fluid motion, revealing her rounded cleavage and bare, athletic arms and legs.

Naya chewed on her lip and stared at the curvy figure of the sorceress for a long moment. The blade made little nervous scratches on the ice as she hesitated to go through with the next step, then finally said softly, "I'd like this sculpture to be the real you. If you don't mind, could you take off the rest of it?"

"You are going to sculpt me naked?" said the sorceress in surprise, then laughed lightly and shrugged, "If that is what you want, but I cannot allow it to be put on display in that case."

The Queen brightened and nodded vigorously. "Yes, that's what I want. It will just be for you and me. I'm sure that you've got a glorious body and I would love to try to sculpt it."

The dark eyes of the sorceress slowly widened and the two women stared at each other for a heartbeat, then her hands came up to her breasts and she gently pulled the fabric free from where it clung to her flesh, holding itself up without straps. "If that is what you desire."

As the underwear slowly came off, Naya's heart throbbed in her chest and she bit her lip to keep from making a sound. The sorceress's body was strange and unearthly, yet beautiful. Her breasts bounced free of their cups and it was as if her clothing had given her no shaping or support at all, they were just as perfectly formed and weightless naked as they seemed through her clothing, but that was nothing compared to what Naya really wanted to see.

With a little wiggle of her hips that caused her breasts to sway, she squirmed out of the snug black fabric that was wrapped around her loins. It clung to her folds for an instant, and then when it snapped away and Naya got a good, her knees almost gave way and she had to cling to the ice block for support. She could not stop staring at that smooth, moist, shiny flesh. It was pink and swollen and obviously aroused, there was no longer any doubt about what the sorceress was feeling.

Steadying her trembling hand, Naya said softly, "Thank you," and began to carve.

The inspiration of this naked woman was wonderful for enhancing Naya's abilities and she needed only a few gentle instructions from the sorceress for most of the work. The likeness was crude, but unmistakable and though hair sculpted from the glassy ice could never match the sorceress's deep black mane, Naya knew she would have many chances to make it better.

But when it came to carving out the details of the flawless, round breasts, the sorceress said firmly, "Wait. You're not doing it correctly. Come here and let me show you."

Naya looked to the sorceress in surprise. The breasts had seemed to be going very well, but the young queen nodded and obediently stepped away from the sculpture and closer to the sorceress.

"The lines are misplaced. Press your fingers to my bosom and trace them gently with your fingertips. Imagine how the blade must flow to mimic what you feel."

Trembling hands slowly came to the sorceresses breasts and cupped them. The younger woman began to slowly massage the cool orbs, kneading the flesh as her fingers spread out across the silky smooth, pale skin. She could feel the nipples swelling and becoming to rock-hard points on the delicate curves.

"Sorceress," whispered Naya in a trembling voice, "Thank you for this. It feels so good to explore your body. You're cold, but I have handled enough ice that I'm used to it, and your breasts feel so good."

A slender hand came to rest on Naya's shoulder and it chilled her skin as the sorceress said gently, "Do you have their shape in your mind clearly now?" and with a slight nod from Naya, "Then go back to your chisel and try again."

The work went quickly from there, the gleaming steel slicing through the ice with confidence, crafting translucent replicas of those unnatural breasts, and soon the sorceress's bosom emerged from the block of ice as if it had always been there, with nipples standing stiff and swollen.

Suddenly there was a crack and Naya let out a little shriek. In her excitement, she had let her hand shake and she squeezed her eyes shut. She did not want to know what damage she had just done to the sculpture she had worked so hard on.

There was a soft groan from the sorceress and she covered her eyes with a hand, unable to bear the sight as she said, "You must still learn more control. You just cut off my nipple."

"I'm sorry!" moaned the little queen and she bit her lip and held her chisel tightly. She winced at the damage she had done and then she took three long, deep breaths.

She opened her eyes again with a determination in her pure blue gaze and she suddenly knelt down before the statue, her fingers lining up the blade between the translucent legs. Just one place was left unfinished.

The reaction in her body shocked the sorceress as her loins quivered and tensed and her eyes widened. She did not know why it aroused her so. Perhaps it was fear of Naya's inexperienced blade cutting in such a personal place, or perhaps the blade looked almost phallic at that moment. "Wait!" cried the sorceress and she scrambled to put a hand on Naya's shoulder.

"Sorceress? What is it?" gasped Naya, "I've never heard you yell before!"

The pale, naked woman took a deep breath and said more calmly, "Don't do it. You're not ready yet; you will ruin the statue."

"Ruin it? But it's going so well!" said Naya with a pout, "Don't worry about that nipple; I just got too excited. I'm alright now."

The sorceress got down on one knee just long enough to take Naya's hand, then stood again, gently guiding those warm fingers up between her legs. The sorceress softly said, "Then prove it to me. Trace the lines you will cut with your fingertips, slowly and carefully."

Soft fingertips brushed the cool white folds and then suddenly jerked back. Naya stared up at the sorceress standing over her with legs spread. "You really want me to do this?" whispered the Queen, her eyes growing huge and her cheeks flushing.

There was nothing but silence as the sorceress waited with her hands on her hips, her delicate flower nearly dripping with excitement. It had been years since she had felt this way, yet now she suddenly needed to be touched. It was a desperate hunger and her loins were screaming for it.

Naya did not wait long for a response before her trembling hand was against that cool flesh again. She loved the way it made her fingertips tingle and heightened every sensation. She pressed firmly and rubbed her fingers up and down along those thick folds. As she felt fluids leaking down onto her fingers, she slid one finger up higher and bumped against the clitoris. It was swollen and stiff and almost warm and the reaction was instant.

As her hips jerked back, the sorceress gave a loud grunt of pleasure and clenched her fists.

A small smile appeared on Naya's lips and she licked them as her finger pressed down more firmly, squeezing the delicate structures of that engorged clitoris, forcing back the protective covering so that her rough fingertip dragged across tender nerves.

The pale body above her convulsed and its knees shook until the sorceress fell back onto her butt and flopped across the stone tiles of the floor, writhing madly as Naya's fingers kept doing their work. There were pants for breath and then wild screams as waves of pleasure flooded into the frozen shrine of this mystical body and she bucked and squirmed. "Oh Naya! What's happening to me?! What're you doing?! I...I can't..."

She knew what it was to have sex with a man, she had done so on many rare occasions, and she had even stimulated herself when there was no other option, but this was beyond anything she had ever felt or even imagined. It was a blazing inferno in her belly sending surges of heat up into her chest, making her heart race like never before. In that moment of ecstasy, her arms and legs would not obey her and her magic would not come to her aid. Despite all of her awesome, limitless power, the great sorceress was reduced to a quivering wreck. The only thing that mattered to her was that finger on her aching nub and every little movement became her world. There was nothing she could do but scream as the pleasure overcame her senses.

When the sorceress finally had her orgasm, it was like a rush of cold air. It chilled Naya's skin and she shivered as the pale woman bucked and moaned in ecstasy.

Despite the cold, Naya knew that this was her chance. She had been longing for an orgasm for weeks and the powerful woman of her dreams was a helpless slave to pleasure before her. She could see her breath coming out as a fine white mist as she quickly undressed, her bouncy young breasts coming free of her golden bra, then her long, beautiful legs crawling out of her flowing white pants.

She moaned in pleasure as the cold attacked her loins, sending tingles deep into her before she was even touched. She lay down against the panting sorceress and suddenly kissed her hard on the lips. At first those lips gave nothing, but soon they softened and parted, their fluids merging as both women moaned, their breasts pressed together, their hands exploring each others smooth skin.

"I love you, Sorceress. Give me what I need," gasped Naya as she pulled out of the kiss and gazed into the bottomless dark eyes of the sorceress, and Naya saw her love reflected. In those intense moments of the rush of her orgasm, the sorceress truly did love the young queen and wanted to give her pleasure more than anything in the world.

They embraced each other for as long as they could as the sorceress shifted positions until she was kneeling between the Queen's legs and grasped her thighs. The sorceress gently lowered her body down until her bare breasts were pressed against the cold stone floor, her nipples rock hard and grinding against the tiles as her lips found the warm flesh between Naya's legs.

Naya squeezed her eyes shut and let out a loud squeal as she felt the icy lips against her hot flower. She clenched her fists and moaned loudly. It was a sensation beyond belief and she knew that it could easily drive her insane if she was not careful, the cool fluids dribbling through her folds. The cold was making her own heat all the more intense and she screamed in pleasure as a long, moist tongue suddenly pushed forth from the lips, licking and caressing the hot clitoris, coating everything in chilled fluids, then suddenly pushing down deep into the little queen's tight passage.

Clutching her own breasts, she kneaded them between her fingers in time with the achingly slow licks. She ground her palms into her breasts until her nipples were little points of fire and even then the pleasure kept building between her legs until she really did feel like she was losing her mind.

She looked down and saw those dark eyes upon her, staring as she jerked her hips in excitement, ever stroke of that tongue like a jolt of electricity shooting straight through her loins, forcing her muscles to clench. She moaned loudly as she quivered and almost as soon as it had begun, she found the release she had longed for as she had her first orgasm.

The happiness she felt was intoxicating as the pleasure rolled through her body and she quickly pulled her tender flesh from those cold lips. She sighed happily as she crawled back into an embrace with the sorceress. It didn't matter how cold she was, Naya was finally truly in love.

Her panting let out clouds of white as she wrapped her arms around her love and whispered, "I've enjoyed the time we have spent together. I was too afraid to tell you, but you are so exotic and beautiful...I just can't resist any longer. I love you and I never want this to stop."

"Naya, I..."

"Wait, don't speak," hushed the Queen quickly, "I agreed to give you a tenth of my riches, but I want to give you everything. I'm going to make you my consort so that we can rule this kingdom together. Don't you see? With my gold and your power, there's nothing we can't do!"

There was a long moment of silence as they stared deep into each other's eyes.

"I love you," lied the sorceress.

They lay together in each other arms for hours. The cool touch of the sorceress's skin was blissful to Naya, surrounded by beautiful ice sculptures.

Continued in The Ice Queen Part 4

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