A controversial predicted effect of a nuclear war. The theory holds that the dust and particles thrown into the atmosphere by a massive exchange of nuclear weapons would block a large percentage of sunlight, resulting in global cooling and severe, winterlike weather that would kill crops and other plants.

It is believed by many that a similar effect caused by an asteriod crashing in to the Earth wiped out the dinosaurs. An episode of Doctor Who used this idea in the serial that saw the death of Adric.
Joke death metal/noise band formed in Elkhart, Indiana in the late 80's by Ray Miller,Jon Konrath,Larry Falli and a rotating cast of others. Although most of their material was improvised and resembled a cross between GG Allin and Slayer, their lyrics made up for the total lack of production quality. One demo tape is known to exist, called I Hate You More Than Superglue. There is also an EP of live material and outtakes called Shit a Brick, although it has not been officially released.

Nuclear Winter had almost no impact on the music scene, except that Konrath and Miller spent a decade trying to sneak the band's mostly-fictitious legacy into the subconscious of zine readers by mentioning them in interviews and running fake ads and reviews. Although few have heard them, many in the death metal scene *think* they've heard of them.

Contrary to public opinion, a nuclear winter caused by brief nuclear war would not destroy all life on earth. During the first month, approximately 60% of the earth's population would die. Remote places would not be unaffected, but the effects experienced would be less than that in urban areas. Over time, more people would die off of starvation and long term effects of the radiation. In the end, only 10% or less of the world's original population would survive. The survivors would be indigent peoples on remote areas of the earth and most would probably have a primitive knowledge of mathematics, language, and astronomy. The world would be set back a few thousand years and some knowledge might be lost forever. Someone actually wrote a story describing what would likely happen to the world after a nuclear war. It is entitled By the Waters of Babylon.

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