If you find the G-Spot on a girl, and she enjoys it, you will know it, especially the first time. Her eyes might suddenly become huge, she may tilt her head back, or gasp for air. Either way, you will most likely know you hit it after a few seconds, say 20-30. Either that or she will suddenly tell you to stop pressing there, it makes me have to pee. Whatever the sign, you probably have it.

It is highly recommended to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue while performing this procedure. It should also be noted that stimulation of the g-spot through multiple orgasms will often have a cumulative effect. Even if she is the quiet sort, you can tell if it is having this sort of effect, because her vagina will flutter and convulse with increasing strength as her orgasms progress. Also, the length of the orgasms will tend to increase each time. This can be very tiring for the woman, however, so she probably won't be able to take very many.

Afterwards you must feed her chocolate and stroke her hair... don't stuff your dick in her mouth, or make her tell you over and over how great it was.

If the girl is forced to bite down on something, cover her face with a pillow, screams wildly, or starts shaking violently, you've probably got it, or else your fingers are too big (damn drummer's hands). Also, be careful about being near her mouth when she comes. Bites can occur. Bad ones.

How to find the G-spot... Men, read this but keep it under your hats, it will put you way ahead of Joe Q. Badsex. That is, just about everyone else in America.

Assuming she is lying on her back, insert a finger into her, palm up, and make a come here motion along the top of her vaginal wall. That's it. Repeat until new levels of sexual extasy are reached for her.

Make sure she is well aroused and lubricated before you attempt this. Otherwise it may not do anything for her, or possibly hurt. I recommend moving onto this only after other activities or clitoral orgasm. It's most sensitive location varies slightly in some women but it's usually near the front just behind the pelvic bone. When aroused it may swell up slightly.

About safety: Make sure that your hands are clean - (wash them first!). Be careful of nails, keep them short and clean. If you use a lubricant be sure that it is water-based. K-Y Jelly will work but it gets sticky and gross. I recommend something like Astroglide if necessary.

If stimulated to g-spot orgasm, many women will excrete a white substance, similar in appearance to semen. If you get this, you did your job well. Congratulations. Behold the beauty you have unleashed in her.

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