The atmosphere playing tricks on your eyes. Mirages are created when light passes through air layers of different densities. Differing densities are caused by abrupt changes in air temperatures, so the greater the change in temperature the better one can see a mirage.

An example of this is often seen on long, straight roads. The road is heated by the sun and air directly above is warmed by the road. Since air is a poor conductor of heat, layers above the warmed layers are much cooler. So on hot days, the surface of the road in the distance appears wet, but as one advances the watery surface disappears since the road is actually dry. This mirage is the result of blue skylight refracting off the road, through air of different densities, until it reaches the eye of the beholder. This same type of mirage appears in deserts as P_I noded above.

When the air above the ground is warmer with cooler layers above, the refracted light will be inverted making objects appear upside down. In cooler regions, the opposite occurs with cooler air below and warmer air above. This effect causes object in a mirage to appear much higher and closer than they really are. An example of this type of mirage is the Fata Morgana.

A chocolate bar consisting of milk chocolate with air bubbles in it. Similar to an Aero bar, but bigger and with larger bubbles.

Transforms from race car to robot and back!


"Who and what I am I hide from the enemy."

MIRAGE is not thrilled about being an Autobot freedom fighter. Prefers hunting turbofoxes on Cybertron with his high-priced friends. Effective fighter, more effective intelligence gatherer. Electrodisrupter can cast illusions altering his physical placement and appearance for up to 6 minutes. Expert marksman with armor-piercing rocket-dart hunting rifle. Unsure of Autobot cause...can't fully be trusted.

  • Strength: 6
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Speed: 7
  • Endurance: 5
  • Rank: 7
  • Courage: 5
  • Firepower: 6
  • Skill: 10
Transformers Tech Specs

Like Jazz, Wheeljack and Smokescreen, Mirage's detailed sticker job was because he was based on an actual racecar: the Ford JS11 car which won three Formula 1 races for Liger Gitanes, which can be seen at -- note the very similar coloring job, with only the name noticably changed ("Gitanes" to "Citanes").

Mirage, on the cartoon, mainly used his abovementioned holographic abilities to make himself invisible. Presumably this took a phenomenal amount of power, because he never really used it when he needed to avoid getting shot. Of all the "race cars" in the Autobot lineup, he's the only one that actually was one (a Formula 1 racer) instead of just an expensive sports car.

A French made fighter plane from the early sixties, known by its buggy radar and weak engines.


Add count: 2
Add categories: [dex] [del]
Jobs' Notation: SET > OP IN [DEX] > OP TOE [DEL]

Set and pass the support leg over the footbag, then catch it on the setting leg with a toe delay. E.g.: Set off a right toe or clipper, swing the left leg over the footbag from in to out, then catch it on the right toe.

To perform a mirage, you need to get a basic rhythm down: set, step, catch. Off a toe set slightly towards you, quickly jump back and plant both feet, then jump sideways, with your support leg extended forward, so it passes over the bag. Your right foot will be trailing along the ground as you jump. Then, as you bring the support leg down, bring the setting leg up and scoop it for the delay.

Part of the Footbag Move List (under construction). =]

Mi`rage" (?), n. [F., fr. mirer to look at carefully, to aim, se mirer to look at one's self in a glass, to reflect, to be reflected, LL. mirare to look at. See Mirror.]

An optical effect, sometimes seen on the ocean, but more frequently in deserts, due to total reflection of light at the surface common to two strata of air differently heated. The reflected image is seen, commonly in an inverted position, while the real object may or may not be in sight. When the surface is horizontal, and below the eye, the appearance is that of a sheet of water in which the object is seen reflected; when the reflecting surface is above the eye, the image is seen projected against the sky. The fata Morgana and looming are species of mirage.

By the mirage uplifted the land floats vague in the ether,
Ships and the shadows of ships hang in the motionless air.


© Webster 1913.

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