Part 6: Double Feature Fighting

After a silent breakfast, my head still pounding, I went to the closet-bedroom. “ What the hell are you doing here? You don’t belong here!” Smoke followed, waking my mind from it’s momentary peace. His voice reverberated off the walls, “ Does Mother know where you’ve gone? I can’t believe this, Kat!” “ I just wanted to see where you’d gone,” I answered timidly. “ So, you saw. Why’d you follow me into the club. You aren’t supposed to go places like that!” Smoke was half whispering, half yelling. “ You went in!” “ Yes, but I’m older! And why did you buy a drink? That guy might’ve given you something dangerous, did that ever cross your mind? You’re lucky I was there!” “ So, you went in the first time once! Probably bought a drink!” “ I’m different!” He hit the wall with his big, boy hand. He looked like my twin: black hair, brown eyes, aristocratic pallor. “ Why?” I was getting more upset by the second. “ Because I knew what to do! You just went blindly!” “ It tasted like milk, how was I supposed to know that it wasn’t?” “ Guess! Don’t take a drink from a stranger! You don’t belong in places like that!” Smoke was fuming. “ I don’t belong in places like that? What about you? Your name is Arthur Everingham Roth! You’re so posh you spit champagne! You go to Ingress Prep, last week you took Muffy Kensington to junior dance. You don’t belong here either!” I paused, breathing heavily, “ Do they know who you are?”

“ No, and I’d like to keep it that way,” He stopped yelling and looked at me in wonder. I myself could barely understand why I’d said that.

“ If you send me back, I’ll tell Mother where you’ve been,” I was quaking, but my voice was strangely calm.

Bitch,” He whispered

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