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Author of Cyberia, Media Virus, Children Of Chaos and the fictional Ecstasy Club, Douglas Rushkoff is a respected writer about "cyberspace" and the issues that surround it. For several years he wrote a weekly column in the Guardian about whatever issue was big on the net at the time. Along with Danny O'Brien of ntk.net, he is one of the few clued up journalists writing for the UK Mainstream Press.

His work tends to be about the culture that surrounds the net and those who use it, rather than the technology itself. For example, Ecstacy Club is the story of a group of twenty-somethings who squat in a huge warehouse in order to get high, hold huge raves and experiment with computers. The net culture is secondary to the religious and drug related themes in the book, but still plays an important part in the imagery. His more factual books follow similar themes.

As Timothy Leary put it, "One of the great thinkers - and writers of our time".

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