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If you're a taller than average male, and you use toilets on any sort of regular basis, then you may know the danger involved. Yes, the danger of your doodle touching the inner-rim or bowl of the toilet, especially if it's partially rigid. The Downward Tuck is useful even to those who never use a toilet other than their own: the helmet of your Captain can make contact with the bowl, and unless you just disinfected the bowl before sitting down, it's teeming with bacteria that see your urethral entrance as the path to the Holy Land.

One time I allowed my soldier to fraternize with the enemy on accident and I received a temporary infection for my carelessness.

The Downward Tuck prevents your soldier from entering enemy lines by holding it so it faces straight downwards while being slightly compressed against the body. This is accomplished by using your three primary fingers (index, middle and ring) on your writing hand and pressing everything against you. It's generally a good idea to continue this maneuver even when you begin to stand up, lest your soldier swing foreward and smack into the rim.

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