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A leading practitioner of "recovered memory therapy", a mostly debunked theory that claims that hypnosis can help recover suppressed memories of incest, Satanic cult abuse, or alien abduction. A licensed psychologist in Utah and a former president of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, he believes that his work proves the existence of an international Satanic/Nazi/CIA conspiracy that has engaged in ritual abuse of children for over 50 years. He claims that the purpose of the abuse is to brainwash people into robotic slaves programmed to behave in certain ways when specific commands are given. Hammond claims that the conspiracy strives to create thousands of slaves who will engage in prostitution, pornography, drug-smuggling, and arms-smuggling, while the Satanic cult leaders take over the world.

Hammond has identified some of the programs implanted in cult victims as: "Alpha" - general obedience programming; "Beta" - oral sex and child prostitution; "Delta" - assassination programming; "Zeta" - production of snuff films; "Omega" - self-destruct programs which cause victims to commit suicide before therapists or police discover their programming; and many others.

Of course, if you say you don't believe it, that means you're either a programmed victim...or one of THEM.

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