In the Sierra RPG "Quest for Glory" part one, the bar offered three drinks, which were colorfully named ale, troll sweat, and dragon's breath.

The Dragon's Breath was by far the most expensive, and was apparently not ordered often. If you order a glass, it is treated as a big thing; the bartender calls everyone to gather around, and then ceremonially pours your glass out of a huge barrel adorned with a real dragon's head. The head appears to be taxidermified, but you could swear you see a faint red glow in the eyes and a faint puff of smoke from the nostrils as the drink is poured.. and now it is poured, and the bartender hands you the glass, and you are facing the drink, the Dragon's Breath, professedly the most powerful alchoholic beverage in the land of Spielburg.

Upon drinking it, you burst into flames and die.

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