People (male or female) who cannot be happy unless their life is filled with misery and depression. The drama queen is a wreched beast who is never satisfied unless they have everything around them in chaos. Many of them cannot wait for it to naturally occur and will therefore cause drama by lying and gossiping. In relationships they are generally addicted to "make-up sex", which gives me the willies. Having a drama queen for a friend means nothing but trouble. You will either end up as a target for a glorious execution style backstabbing or condemned to entertain yourself while listening to 3 hour self inflicted sob stories on the phone for the rest of your life.

"...You are kind enough to date an ex-con serial rapist when no one else will and THIS... THIS is the thanks that I get. I knew I shouldn't have let Cheryl move in with us while she was having that bout with nymphomania... I just can't believe they slept together. Can you?"

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