A wonderful (aren't they all?) book by American author Poppy Z. Brite.

Includes : horror, sex (bisexuality, homosexuality), hacking, drugs, blood, rock, art and references to the Goth subculture.

The two main characters are Zach, a hacker on the run, and Trevor, son of a famous comics artist who killed his whole family (except Trevor) before committing suicide. Zach's character is a way to explore the fear of loving, while Trevor is a way to explore the fear of loosing one's skills.

This book is Poppy Z. Brite's second novel and is (IMHO) by far better than Lost Souls. It may be less goth, but is even more deranged.

The story takes place in New Orleans and Missing Mile, two cities we already visited with Lost Souls. We even meet again some of the locals, including Steve and Ghost.

This book is also a tribute to Robert Crumb, who inspired Trevor's father.

For a short sum up of the plot, also see my WU in Killing one's family and then killing oneself.

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