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I had been called repeatedly by someone, but I didn't pick it up. In the beginning of this dream fragment, I was in a big store hall that was just opening. A large hall full of used and new stuff. My father was there helping the folks by painting the walls. I talked with him and said it was pretty funny he was painting stuff here when there was something that needed to be painted far sooner.

I wandered around the store, and noted some tubes full of fruity gums on the shelf. I was about to take one (guessed my father would need to pay that then =) but right at that moment, someone called me again. I hesitate picking up calls from numbers I'm not sure of, but since my cellphone was ringing pretty loudly I figured my father would note that and I had to answer because I didn't want to seem careless.

Just as I fished my phone from the pocket I noted the call wasn't from an ordinary cell number. It was from a short number, some telephone company service number. I remembered it might have something to do with foreign call services. I wasn't quick enough to pick it up, but just as this thing dawned to me, another call came from another similar service number (another telco's service, it seemed).

I picked up, and it was an American furry fan who was known with the name "Yellow". Apparently, I knew this person from the 'net somewhere. (I'm not sure to whom it actually refers to.) I apologised for the confusion and told him that I'm definitely not used to talking people on phone, much less in English. We talked for a while about things.

The next dream part was at another place - in a big city. Not sure which city. Bigger than Oulu, certainly. There seemed to be very little transition from the earlier part of the dream to this part - I walked out of the store hall while talking on phone, to a parking lot, the store seemed to be a typical store hall on edge of a big city... and then I was in the city. Yellow was there with me. We kept talking of things, went to different shops around the city. He asked "I guess you can get booze from there?", pointed at Alko sign, and before I even answer (I was about to launch an educational story about state monopolies and such), he was already there. I went after him, with hopeless wish that I could tell something about kinds of alcohol we have here (hopeless because I don't drink!)... the Alko store had a loooong escalator below ground, and quite small store area. I saw him coming up before I had even got to the bottom. I caught up with him on top again, and he said that the prices were just outrageous.

A while after that it was his time to get back (short visit, it seems), but for some reason I immediately also noted Reno_Fox was visiting the town too - when Yellow left, I was standing on a marketplace, and Reno just emerged from the crowd moments later, and we noticed each other. We sat down and talked about stuff.

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