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So I woke up thinking "What the fuck was that all about?!?!"

Senator Amidala was in the United States Senate trying to stop an attack on a power station. I knew her efforts were going to fail, as I held the script. In my house, I was making preparations to stop the primitive horde that was to sweep across the land. I got out numerous hand guns and rifles, no blasters for some reason, odd. I had plenty of weapons, but I was the only one who knew of the impending attack. No time to alert the masses and form a militia.

I needed ammunition, so I went to the local Gart Bros. sporting goods store, where Yoda was behind the counter. "Ammunition you need, hmmm! Guns you have, nobody to use them."

I purchased my ammo and headed home. The Indian from the movie "The Doors" was in my house and said he would help me. One thing stood out as odd, he was eight feet tall, and he only knew how to shoot a bow. I quickly showed him how to use a firearm and we proceeded outside.

I realized that according to the script I had, the power station is to be destroyed anyway. I didn't feel a pressing need to die for something that was to fail anyway. I went home and fixed a ham sandwich for the 8 foot tall Indian.

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