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  • Stealing. Watching for anyone who might rat me out, not worrying about those who didn't care what I was doing. In the bathroom, stealing the transvestite's cigar. She wouldn't have minded sharing with me but I wanted the whole thing. Someone came into the bathroom and tried to warn me, but I was done, tried to tell me there's acid in there, not just pot. By then I was not afraid, living in a cloud of strange smoke. I saw bay leaves fluttering down, cycling softly through the air on their way to the cold linoleum. I'd better save these, I thought. No one else loves me.

  • "All In the Family" theme song playing in the background. Walking to snack with my girls at OLA. One little one whispered "how are we doing?" Shoes smacking on linoleum. I answered, so they could all hear, "You're doing fine, ladies, keep it up."

    Sugar cookies, chocolate chip. Fuss at the girls who try to sneak more than two. Some moron had stacked them on the far edge of the table, too far for the little arms to reach; I moved them over. The kids filed outside to eat. Robin and Megan stayed in to talk with me. They know they aren't harnessed by most of the rules.

    Robin: "Can I just say..." laughing. They took extra cookies without asking - I was not surprised, we are friends.

  • Feeling pain come over my entire body. Motion I could not control. Epilepsy, a heart attack. I thrashed and could not contain my voice. I knew I had eaten some bad possum. I told the doctor to call Lyle Lovett and he would know what to do, how to save me. The doctor would not listen, kept fiddling with tubes and wires. He thought I was hallucinating, the bastard.

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