This dream is rather... what's that word? It's a really big one... Weird. That was it. It just wipes out dream analysis completely.

I'm in the jungle, surrounded by trees, grass, bugs, completely normal, then a dragonfly starts playing a tuba, and next thing I know Toucan Sam and Tony the Tiger (cereal mascots) are dancing around to the Star Wars cantina music. They are joined by Snap, Crackle, and a bar of soap.

Wait, soap? Since when was soap a Rice Krispies mascot? Then I am surrounded by Fred Flintstone with a neutron cannon, the cereal mascots, soap, pink monkeys, flying sharks...

I know what you're thinking. "Yeah, and pigs fly." (Or maybe you're not thinking that.) Well, those were there too. Porky Pigs, yes, more than one, were flying around with wings. What... the...!? Then the Quidditch games are postponed at Hogwarts temporarily. Rats.

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