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  • Julie and Dan said they’d heard Conrad was never coming back to Borders after all, he’d gotten a much better job. Barnes and Noble, they said in hushed tones, and couldn’t see it was exactly the same.
  • Bennett was afraid of Mr. Elgin and now Mr. Elgin was coming home and Bennett had no right to be in that house alone with his daughter. She laughed. He’s not that bad. When Mr. Elgin came in he squatted down, looked into Bennett’s face for a long moment, then laughed and clapped the boy hard on the back. Christopher Paul Curtis wrote this dream.
  • Will was driving, I was in the back seat, it was very dark out, the city lights gone all purple and blue. I could be one hell of a lesbian, I said - we need to set you up with somebody like Ally McBeal, said Will, and I agreed, but I was thinking, Gillian, Gillian, Gillian.
  • In my high school library. Making a documentary of Lemony Snicket. His tall quiet black & white British son would not stop following me, but I didn’t mind, he just wanted to know everything. In a drawer I found everything I had written Lemony over the years – from full letters to post-its, everything. I always knew he was in love with me. I wrote him another note telling him I knew, at last, but could not spell my name right at the end no matter how many times I tried.
I am dreaming only in voices lately. Sleep is not restful anymore. This morning, half way between waking and sleeping, this voice told me to "Seek Theta".

I had to check on Google for what brain wave frequency theta was, and it was drowsiness, unconsciousness, or deep-tranquility. Wow, my dreams are smarter than I am.

In by dream I bumped into a guy I used to know named Brian. He asked if he could borrow my chainsaw. Now I personally don't own one, but my father does and his won't start right now (showing signs of its age). So I told Brian I didn't have one.

The next morning, I bump into this Bryan guy twice! I haven't seem him in months!

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