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This is a very, very bizzare dream. Just so you know, Williams Street, who makes The Brak Show and Space Ghost Coast to Coast, is very important in this dream.

I am in an arcade center, playing Galaga. Shooting Ms. Pac Man, nothing unusual, hey! Extra life! Now off to Dr. Wily's fortress... Seeing as Samus doesn't have the Varia Suit, this could be a problem... (That was 4 games mixed, by the way.)

Then I am at home watching Dragonball Z. It is the first episode... sort of.

Goku: Hey guys! Why are you here with that idiot, Master Roshi?
Master Roshi: I heard that!
Krillin: We're just here for his free potato chips and coke.
Goku: I have chips and coke at my house!
Bulma: Really? Cool! Let's go! *flies off in a Capsule Corp plane*
Master Roshi: Oh. So I guess nobody likes old Roshi anymore...
Goku: Don't worry, Master Roshi. You're not as much of a dork (he emphasized this word) as Frieza.
Raditz (scottish accent): *shows up out of nowhere, is animated like he was drawn by Williams Street; he is wearing a bandana, no shirt, long brown jeans, and sunglasses, as well as having big muscles and brown hair* Hey! I be takin' ya kid, there!
Goku: Are you suuuuuure you can take Gohan so easily?
Raditz: Aye!
Goku: Well, just try, Scottsman!
Raditz: Aye, will do! *he and Gohan disappear*
Goku: Aw, crud.
Piccolo: *shows up* Need a hand?
The scene changes to Raditz's house; a trailer park in the early morning, live action. Raditz is facing a patch of daffodils.
Raditz: What're ya doin' on me private property!? I might as well sue ya'!
Goku: Hey! What have you done with Gohan?
Raditz: Ah, well he's eatin' all me chocolates in the kitchen!
Piccolo: Seeing as it is the whole plot of the show, let's fight!
Raditz: Aye, well that's all--'ey! *walks over to a giant banana outside his garage* What the heck are yeh doin' in me house!? Ah, yeh were tryin' to rob me, eh? Well! I'm too smart fer ya! (Obviously not.) Yes. Aye, now let's go down to the store 'n' git some ice cream!


How mentally disorienting that was! I have nothing against Master Roshi, although Frieza DID drag out an entire season.

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