My brother was in the Ku Klux Klan, and he had lured two black men to a stream because he wanted to play a game with them. He said, "If you can swallow a live crab while submerging yourself in a barrel of water, I'll give you lots of money." A few of his friends were busy filling a barrel with water from the stream. My brother winked at me, and explained in whispers that the crabs would eat them from the inside out. He said he would give me a large sum of money if I promised not to tell anyone.

The two men were skeptical, so my brother offered to have two of his friends try it and show that it wasn't dangerous. He grabbed me and one of his closest friends, had us swallow live crabs and then dunk our heads in the shallow stream. I was freaked out, but my brother told me to trust him, and I was afraid not to do what he said.

So when the two men saw that we were okay, they decided to do it because they needed the money. They swallowed the crabs and got into the barrel, but my brother quickly put a lid on the barrel and the men began shrieking. He kept the lid on until the men stopped screaming, and then took it off, but I ran back to our house and hid in a closet. A few minutes later, my brother came to me with a bag, said "Don't look inside." and dropped it into a trash can. Then he handed me $150, and left me alone in the closet again. I waited to die, but nothing happened.

Someone's calling me.
"Mike, Mike!"
I'm in bed, and I could be awake, or not, I don't know. They whisper in mind pictures to me, and it's about my mom. She had a heart attack, and she's dead. I don't really know if this is true. It's 4:57 am.

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