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  • someone talking about Beth's mission and how she had had to stand up and declare herself. She was making herself a target but she knew she would be safe.

  • The boy said he was born with two left eyes, so now he had a glass one. He was proud of it.

  • all of a sudden there was an ice cream shop in the middle of it. Janet went crazy. Reading the flavors with reverence and glee. Green tea ice cream! Oh, my! Boss Hogg owned the land. I was suddenly the proprietor. There was no ice cream. Janet distraught, then furious, banging at the French doors which I was struggling to lock.

Woke up with a relentless combination of songs in my head:   Feet up, pat 'im on the po-po, let's make him laugh! There must have been some magic in the hat we saw that day...

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