• Some Like It Hot - The Shape Shifter
    In this one I'm in a nice house someplace nice. At first, I'm just talking with some character who is apparently in Some Like It Hot and who I congratulate for the film. There's an 8x10 of them in a frame on a table which we both handle and appreciate, but I never see who it is. In this phase the house is light.

    Enter the deranged uncle from Arsenic and Old Lace who is actually the main character of this dream, who thinks and is made up like Teddy Roosevelt. I initially don't interact with it/him and he changes into a little girl at which point I do interact. Here the series of transformations begins and some ways in I see the 'native' form which is a hideous lumpy thing with bristles and eyes in odd places.

    The transformations continue to more pleasing forms and I befriend the creature and am engaged by it. At some point though I want to leave the house, and in this phase the house has been labyrinthine and without natural light but I see what appears to be a window walled lobby lit by bright daylight to the outside. When I go there though it turns out be an illusion and is in fact a smallish room which has silvered reflecting wallpaper and I somehow perceive/know it to be one of a number of such box like rooms, like in a flop but smaller. This produces anxiety and at this point a hand reaches out and touches my leg, presumably the creature and I wake up.

    When I wake up I reflect upon the analogy between the dream and the linking of universal consciousness, i.e. the one mind with many forms and how it is reaching out to enlist me. I'm still a bit verklempt as I go online to some channels and of course this blends in with the leitmotif. Later I reflect that my repulsion at the hideous form of the creature was a mistake and try to reenter the dream but without success.

  • Schindlers List - The Train
    On or about the same time, I'm in Nazi Germany, in a middle class neighborhood of detached houses. The general theme of this one is that I'm like Schindler, advising various characters on how to pull an Anne Frank. I advise an old woman to do precisely that and go into her bungalow to help her find an appropriate place. A number of other characters in this neighborhood are variously scurrying about rat-like trying to evade the oppression.

    I go to train yard on the edge of the neighborhood where some characters are hopping freight trains to try and escape the heimat. Either here, or speaking to her in a car, I advise an attractive and frightened young blond woman, apparently a jew, that her Aryan appearance will save her and I detail how she should try and pass for same.

  • The Interview
    The above were about a week ago, but this one was this morning. I'm in some East Coast locale which is a pastische of Florida and Jersey, driving. I go to some corporate park cum middle class subdivision and am going to a interview with some corporate entity like say Citigroup. Earlier I actually stripped while sleep which may explain or otherwise be connected to why I was naked for the interview. Also earlier, I had been speaking to my old girlfriend who has a weight problem (among others) and that may explain why there was a heavy female with me at the interview.

    At first I'm a little nervous about being naked, and some how pictures of my erect phallus are present in the interview somewhat like copies of a resume. The corporate interviewers examine same, not without appreciation. At this point I become more uncomfortable, but one of the interviewers assures me. Something to the effect of "No, this is what we are looking for: dick".

    The interview ends, inconclusively I presume, and I am back on the road. I end up with my friend in some vehicle repair place, again with inconclusive results. At this point I wake up and check email and there's a solcitation for a contract:

    Based on the career profile you provided us, you might be interested in the following job(s). Please review the job description(s) and if you would like to continue the process, click on the job link below.

    108772 -- Java Developer

    Our client, a leading provider of development products and solutions, is in search of talented Java Developers with JSP expertise to strengthen the development team.


    If you are interested in building innovative solutions, this position may be ideal for you.


    In order to be successful in this position, the developer must accomplish the following:


    * Design, modify, develop, write and implement software

    programming applications with minimal direction and guidance

    * Participate in the testing process, starting with unit testing

    acceptance testing

    * Solid programmer; consistently develops well-designed software subsystems

    * Show initiative and creativity in excelling at personal tasks

    * Provide technical support and guidance to more junior project team members.

    * Reliably estimate one's own time to accomplish low level tasks

    * Familiarize oneself with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.

    * Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

    * Work under general supervision; typically reports to a lead.

    * A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. ?

    Qualified candidates for this position will demonstrate the following:


    * Requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and 2+ years of

    JSP experience in the field or in a related area.

    * 3+ years of Java development

    * 1+ years of XML

    * JUnit experience a plus

    * XP methodology a plus

    * Application of Design Patterns a plus


    ***This is a 3-6? month contract position***


    Sound Interesting? Click here to find submission information about this job.

    It was a close match so I took the link and found a reasonably concise form which I quickly filled out and then wrote this.

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