I am a ghostbuster, but I don't have a suit and a proton pack. I wander into this college dormitory to help get rid of a ghost or two. I keep having this feeling of people grabbing me, but I can't see them. The dormitory reminds me a lot of Wilson Hall at Oregon State University.

Then, I am sitting at a table eating breakfast with the students, and the table won't stop shaking. I am overcome with fear, and the table continues to shake.

The students at the table, none of whom I recognize, stare at me and say "But we thought you were a ghostbuster!".

I reply, "I'm not a holy man. I'm not a man!".

The table continues to shake. I'm eating eggs. I hate eggs.

I get up and leave the table, and go into a dorm room. This room is calm, and I sit down and meditate. I open my eyes, and the room is swirling with ghosts and spirits, all with hideous faces.

I woke up then, about 90 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, feeling very close to a panic attack. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't calm down, so I gave up trying to sleep and got up. I took a shower, got dressed, read the newspaper, and played Dungeon Keeper II until it was time to go to work.

Heavy drinking the night before may have been responsible here.

I am walking the street with a unidentified female who has a tendency to walk into things(trees, trashcans and such). I believe I am a superhero because of some type of spider sense warning me about a man walking towards us. He pulls out a pistol and points it at me. I put my hands up and say, "what do you want?" He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out at first. Then he begins to click and beep like a modem. Slowly it developed into indecipherable gibberish, but my superpowers allow me to understand. He is instructing me to build a pipe bomb out of coconuts and a palm tree. I think he believes we are stranded on a desert island ala Gilligan's Island (with more grisly crime).

I wake up.

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