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My mother offered me some licorice sticks. I took them, opened the package and started chewing on the tasty licorice candy.

Then I woke up, and noticed one of my ear plugs was halfway in my mouth.

I was taking a road trip with my brother Matt to Austin, Texas. We were driving from Florida to see a college musical that, for some reason, would star Matthew Broderick for one night only.

We got there just in time to see the star of the show walk through the crowd towards the stage, so everyone could rub shoulders with him. I tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hey, man, I like your work." He kept moving and someone in the crowd asked me "But what's he *been* in?" I mentioned Biloxi Blues, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying!, and a few other stage productions, but I don't think I mentioned any movie-only things like, say, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

About halfway through the show, in the middle of a number (or maybe an aria) in Latin, the crowd burst to their feet and applauded wildly. I thought, incredulously, "Has the mob's sporting taste altered overnight?" (Apparently I quote Chess in my dreams.)

Nope. They were doing the celebrity thing. They had all jumped up to applaud a fellow up in the sound booth -- James Cameron, who was apparently the director or composer or something. And they were completely ignoring his work to applaud *him* in the middle of it!

Rex mundi, my ass.

When I do get this kind of dream, it is always enjoyable, but after waking up a while, you start to think. What the hell is wrong with my head?

I was having sex. The whole dream was sex. Plain, vanilla sex, missionary position. Strangely enough, the whole dream was very lucid, I could still remember it clearly in my head. It wasn't the same person either. The face shifted, from one to the other. Freaky.

UNF UNF UNF. It never got boring. Who was it? Oh, plenty of people. Old crushes. Current crushes. Ex girlfriends. Random women that purely came out of my imagination. One after the other. It was great fun. I love these kinds of dreams. I don't get them too often, but it's cool when you do get it.

I wake up, and I wonder. I must be sexually deprived. Not really, I've gotten some lately. I wonder what triggers these nice dreams. I like them. Oh well, better than evil killer dreams.

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