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Three dream fragments from the last few days

I had made an animated cartoon. For some reason, as well as having voices, the characters’ speech also appeared in speech bubbles. There was one bit where the first character’s voice said “I like old people...” and continued “on toast!”, but the speech bubble showed “on kelp!”.

The second character was, I think, based on Téodor from Achewood , as seen here: http://www.achewood.com/index.php?date=05262003 (he’s the bear-thing).

* * *

I was crouched in a tree. Then I jumped down, brandishing a pair of shears made from bits of a fence, and chased after a black car. The car was from the music video for Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake. It swerved away through traffic, as rain started to fall. I chased after it between streams of cars, screaming “I‘m an agent of the FBI! FBI agent, motherfuckers!” whenever someone got in my way or a car did not stop to let me through.

* * *

I was watching the BBC news on TV. The newscaster said “In Poland, a football goal has been manufactured entirely from elastic.” The picture behind her showed what looked like a red blood cell, stretched out into a weird shape. “Here‘s our correspondent Jerry Springer with more on that story.” It then cut to Jay Leno, in the Tonight Show studio.

He said “I added 27 pounds of cocaine to the amount in already in the trunk, making a 143 pounds in total, then got my car and crashed it into his.” There was then a film of a blue sedan crashing into the side of a gold sedan. The gold car caught fire, and white powder began to spill out of it.

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