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  • the Pope had never read the bible so we were rewriting it to make it easier for him. He's Irish so we renamed all the people things like Sean Patrick McFlaherty O'Donogue Simon.

  • climbing a mountain and my hands ached, I was too heavy for this

  • two glue bottles going after easter eggs. one was a dragon sometmes. I was a little like Mulan. One egg rose up to kill us. The old man put on the ceremonial costume so the spies would not be suspicios when he showed me the ceremonial cannon on the balcony, but they didn't know it was still functional.

  • dozens of library books filling the car. I tossed The Hoboken Chicken Emergency in back.
  • me and Pat, hiding behind some bushes, roundabouts what I believe to be the Economics building, maybe Yuma dorm, on that side of campus. we (pat) throw(s) some shaken up, carbonated soda, and it ends up landing right next to where there are some old ladies getting off of a bus. one lady is about to get off, another just did, and they both gasp, and the first goes back up the bus steps and closes the door.

    suddenly we realize there are probably cops after us, so we wait it out a little bit before we run. people are saying, 'what kind of jerks would accost old ladies in such a way?' right after we leave, a cop asks us if we were the ones who threw the soda, and we reply. he starts asking deceptive questions, trying to get himself on our good side ("why, I remember the last time I was {the place we were going, or else just lied about not having been to}" and we respond "uh huh. that's nice sir, have a nice day.") we start driving northeasterly to get away. I feel somewhat out of control of the car, yet it behaves exactly as I want it to. Eventually we end up at an eastern part of River road, and see some people waiting for a bus. river road is slanted downhill as it goes east, and we see some people on skateboards and skates going zooming down the road really fast. "how do they stop themselves?" I wonder.

    I'm at work, and Dr. O'Hanlon is giving a tour to me and Jeeves and some guy. Jeeves wants to know how a bunch of things work, and Dr. O is being kind of dumb. whole section of dream is rather boring. Jeeves notes how sometimes he's looked in through the some of the doors (the office and my dorm's basement overlap, he is describing both, since perhaps my work ends up being in the basement (skyscraper show? doubtful)), and always wondered what those things were. I recall thinking how I know what most of them are.

    I'm getting on the elevator to go up to the 8th floor, and there's a girl on the elevator, and a guy gets on either at 2 or 1 and after the doors closes they start kissing or something. around floor 4, the elevator stops, turns to a slanted angle. it then begins rotating about various axes. I remember assuring them it's alright, we're not about to die or anything (the elevator isn't really translating in any direction, just rotating), and saying something like "whoa, isn't it cool, how the elevator actually moves around in 3-D?" the elevator starts spinning around a little more rapidly, and a sprinkler comes on, and I think that perhaps we are in danger of dying, even from just electrocution, since there's water and a bunch of electronics in the elevator, and then the elevator is spinning axially really fast, and I think that if I'm going to die, I at least want her to know how that I love her (strong word for the rather detached thoughts I was thinking at the time... I think I was considering another alternative (trying to philosophize maybe, or maybe bending all my will on not dying)), and desperately, as I'm being flung about the elevator, try to scrawl her name (never get much past the 'M') on whatever wall is closest, but to no avail, as I lack any kind of considerable nails.

    and then I wake up, very hot, because it's fucking hot in Tucson and the A/C isn't on yet

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