I was just looking at some old junk mail on the floor; one piece caught my eye, something from a publishing house, one which shall go nameless - in big letters: JOIN THE LINUX REVOLUTION! Bread! Bread for everyone! Land! Land and bread for everyone! And scantily-clad women, too! (NOTE: If you don't want yours, there are many who will take her off your hands). Revolution!

I've noticed the cool-noding of yet another staple node: discofever has immortalized himself on Welcome to Everything, joining Saige's claiming of Page of Cool (for Spain, I think), Deborah909's capture of Everything New Nodes, the lovely and talented JeffMagnus' homesteading of Everything User Search, and mine own early-morning blizzard-distracted cool-noding of the unassuming login. There are many more up for grabs, but I've been told (in a dream, by a talking daffodil, so maybe you should discount it) that once E2 allows the un-cool-noding of nodes, we will each lose about 500 XP for our little snafus (snafi?).

I've gotten jMax running on my Linux box. It's based on Max, a great MIDI/DSP Macintosh app from the 80s; I was one of those who committed themselves to the Atari ST back then, so I was Max-less until I tried to get their original open source release (2.4.5) running a while back, with inadequate sound drivers and probably an inadequate kernel. I've gotten 2.4.10 to work today, having downloaded IBM's 1.1.8 JDK, since the code is said to not work with Java2 yet. I have the jMax console in front of me now, a sign of my success. What do I do now? Luckily I have the 500-page Max manual, in the form of a PDF doc. What fun. Somebody shoot me now. It'll be even more fun when I try to get it running on an iBook. Please shoot me.

I woke up today in Brooklyn and didn't want to go home, probably because i spent most of this long weekend feeling appreciated, even. The atmosphere at the ranch was similar to every day: impenetrable, unbreathable, unreadable. It's almost a relief to be at work.
I thought i might have mail when i got home, but i just got some stupid Microsoft announcement.

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