I was sailing in the open sea in a medium-sized (ca. 50 ft long) sailship. I must have been a pretty horrible sailor, because every morning I looked out to see if I had come close to any shore, but I never saw land at all.

One morning while I was glancing out through the round window in the bathroom, I saw the tail of a large whale that was diving down into the green sea. It was a beautiful sight, but I was terrified. I knew that the risk of the whale bumping into the boat, or diving up from below it were small, but I knew that if something as large as that came in contact with the ship, it might break or capsize, and I might get killed.

I woke up from fear.

I'm standing outside.

I don't have many outside dreams.

So I'm outside, in a very green field, with a very blue lake in front of me, with a very... dock-colored dock extending from one side of the lake.

It's actually a very picturesque sight, out of a painting or post card, almost. The sky is brilliant, with only a few whisps of perfectly white clouds above.

I walk over toward the lake, there are pussywillows lining the sides of the lake, but that figures, because what would a perfect lake in a perfect field under a perfect sky be without some perfect pussywillows around the edge of the lake?
It just wouldn't be right.

So, I walk around the lake to the side that has the dock on it.
At the end of the dock is a chair made of wood that is built right into the dock. I walk out the dock, especially noting the sky, how blue and perfect it is, I remember looking out over the field and thinking of all the days that I would sit in the grass downtown and look at the sky.

So I sit on the chair, and look into the perfect serene waters of the lake, which reflect the sky immaculately.
Upon closer inspection I look through the reflection and notice that the water is fairly clean.
Upon even closer inspection, I see a great number of corpses floating in the lake.





Wake up and go to work.

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