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Where your stuff is...

...where your heart is...

...where you truly belong.


Packing up again. Moving on once more. There are shadows on the wall. Memories. What could no longer be. Once they belonged here. It had been a kind of home. Tides continue shifting.


Things that mean so much are sorted. Not all these things belong. Archives and remembrances. Pieces of home. Only some things come along. The road is to be travelled. The journey takes us home. Elusive as the memory of places we have known.


Home cannot be purchased. The price is much too high. Home is found... discovered... uncovered when you stumble or stand tall. Some found home and lost direction. Others already home. Many yet to find the way. Their journey never ends. The road can be so long. A glass unfilled turned upside down. An illusion often misguided. Walking down the endless pier. This ocean is so wide. To forgive means no surrender. To believe is what we have. One fork and then another... upon these winding roads... seek and one day you will find.


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