I dreamt I was removing diamonds from shot gun shells. Sometimes I got many more out than could possibly fit inside the little casings.

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  • he was supposed to be in the cockpit but he stayed with us instead. They were looking for him. He didn't want to leave. He would be shipping out any minute.

  • Luke and Leia, at the end, were arguing cutely over who had been the hero. "You were the hero." "No, YOU were!"

  • She had to dance in front of the other girls in a red swimsuit on top of the table. She hummed, she didn;t mind it.
  • I had a Slashdream last night. Slashdot was being spammed by a bunch of people running a Beowulf of DDoS-style spambots setup to generate inane Slashdot chatter (and, hence, were getting moderated up), and so every article on the front page had well over 1000 "comments," particularly the latest Katzicle which had 4000 (though the spammers weren't bothering to touch that one). In the meantime, I was talking to a nice Asian girl named Mae Ling Mak, who was naked, and petrified - with fear about what all these trolls were going to do with her naked body if she were found. She looked nice, and was a hermaphrodite. We both decided we'd go out to dinner later, along with Natalie Portman, who was a friend of hers.

    I went home and looked through a box of my stuff, and I found even more DVDs I forgot about, but the point was moot, considering that the MPAA had confiscated all of my DVD-playing equipment in retribution for making my part of the statement with DeCSS.

    I'm sure there were lots of other Slashdot references in my dream which I missed, but it sure seemed like the kind of thing a Kafka troll would write...

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