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I’ve had this dream twice recently, on both occasions I can’t remember what happens before:

I go through a wooden door into what I presumably believe to be a room. When I enter the door I find myself standing under a light of some sort which illuminates a circle of the ground around me (I’d guess its about four meters across). Outside of the area that is illuminated there is nothing but darkness. When I first had the dream the ground I was standing on was covered in snow, and on the second occasion it was stone. I know it’s cold because I can see the vapour from own breath in front of me as I breathe. I hear footsteps, and then out of the darkness into the illuminated circle steps a man. He stops and stands in front of me. I feel as though know him, but no matter how hard I try I can’t remember his face once I have woken up. He starts to walk towards me and with each step he takes forward I take one back keeping the distance between us the same until I am on the edge of the circle, and he is standing in the centre. I’m scared to go into the darkness outside the illuminated circle, but don’t want him to get any closer to me. He takes one more step forward and I fall backwards into the darkness, but before I hit the floor my friend Alicia catches me. I can see her in the darkness and I’m not afraid. She smiles at me, and both times I’ve woken up pretty much at that moment

I don’t believe in the interpretation of dreams, but I thought I’d log this one because I remember it so vividly.

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