I had scarcely been away from him for a day and a half, and I missed him so terribly already. Falling asleep, I hope to see him in a dream, and it would almost be as real...

But I don't see him, I see the boy I left. In the warm, heady darkness of sleep, I feel soothing contentment. He radiates love. He loved me, and still does...I know he does.

And suddenly, I remember what it was to truly be in love, and with that memory like a blunt thud in my chest...I realize that I have been mistaken. This new man, he doesn't love me, and I can feel a sob rising in my throat.

The dream fractures, and as the pieces break away, I can hear a choked voice saying, "But he's everything I wanted..."

"But you don't love him!" It's my own voice. And I'm crying, and lost, and when I wake up, I know that it can't be the same anymore.

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