I was with my family at what seemed to be a dusty fair ground. It was like a flea market crossed with a refugee camp. Everyone there was Black, or Latino or the member of some other ethnic minority. We were waiting in line under a big white tent. There were folding tables and we had to go to each one. A perky blond woman in a white blouse and blue suit was checking the forms I had filled out. She worked for the department of homeland security and she was doing some kind of “alien registration” only in my dream the group of people who had to register included Blacks, Hispanic people, anyone not from the US and anyone with a religion other than Christianity of Judaism.

It was not an unpleasant place, but I kept seeing these flyers with the faces of “wanted” men. At first it was just the same guys from the news, but then I realized that some of the people were people I knew. I left the camp after showing papers that proved I was I high school teacher. If you had a “professional” job you could leave but otherwise you had to stay. My mother and aunt went with me.

Then I was trying to hide. I was in an old wooden house and a police man came by and gave me one of the wanted posters. When I looked at it --I saw it was a poster of myself! I almost panicked but the police man hadn’t noticed.

I left through the back door—I saw my Aunt in her SUV out there and she told me she was going to Canada because something terrible was going to happen.

I don’t know if I went with her or not.

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