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It was the early seventies, and we were all friends. We had been traveling around the country together for months. We laughed at silly men spending money to make sure everyone would see where they were buried. We smiled at the huge bronze statue of a portly man nobody knew. And, we drove.

Months and miles passed by. It was she, and I, and him and she was beautiful, with dark brown shoulder length hair feathered back like blair from The Facts of Life. Sometimes in a white t-shirt and bell bottoms, sometimes in a soft, off-white, floral dress.

One day, she held my hand crying as we walked past a brick wall to our motel room. She held my hand to her lips and said "Do you love me as much as I love you?" We had been together for so long, and grown so close, that somewhere in there we all fell in love, she with both of us and both of us with her. But we had never said it. We had never acted on it until now. And I did love her. She filled my heart and made me happy, but part of me wondered if it was as much as hers, and feared that maybe it wasn't enough for her. "I think so." I said, but wished I could say more, wishing I didn't have that doubt.

I held her hand tight and led her into the motel and laid her down on the bed still crying. I walked around, knelt beside her head, and kissed her. And she was so beautiful, curled almost fetally. As lips touched her head arched back with eyes closed, her stomach clenched, and legs squeezed. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, searching for me, and the sounds she made were exquisite. No other sound could make me feel more wanted, more needed, than the sweet moans she did produce. And I loved her, loved being with her, loved kissing her, loved my hand on her side, loved spending my life with her.

Time passed, and we were happy. The three of us were happy. He and I were not in love, but we loved and cared for each other. We gave each other smiles, and smiled together at her, loving the sight of her happy with either or both of us. One day I sat at the portable record player listening to the 45 the three of us had produced. It was our music. Then, I put on the 45 from her new album. Her work, her music. And I thought of her in my minds eye. She was a percussionist, and I saw her flat on her back sweaty and glowing after playing. I smiled, and, behind me, I could feel them smiling too as the music of her new song filled the room through a tinny speaker.

Whoa! I rarely remember my dreams, but this one was vivid!

I was headed to North Carolina to see the other half of my family. Fort Bragg area, up 95, Fayetteville. I was meeting them for Christmas and Deb said as soon as I got there that I had to to talk to Ku. Now, this man has the capability to make me incredibly nervous, he's always up to something. I climbed the steps to my old English department???? and found him in one of the corner classrooms. I asked him why he wanted to see me. "We got you a belated present. Here, let me help you with these." And he reaches over with a scapel and starts cutting through my shirt into the flesh of my tits. For some reason I just stood there watching what he was doing. He then inserted a tube with a huge pastry squeeze thing on the end, and started filling my mammary glands with small water filled discus-shaped baggies. The family had gotten me fake boobs for whatever the hell it was I went through about a week ago!

It was all very bizzare, there was a lot of running around talking to the girls while I was trying to hold these new tits together. Bubby just looked at me and shook his head, as the juice from the right one kept overflowing.

I don't even need more tits! I'm like a heavy C, small D! So I can't imagine why I came up with this one, or why it seemed completely normal for me to allow this to occur.

Jeebus! What the hell ever happened to crystal and cooking implements? I woke up pinching my nipple, trying to make sure it really was a dream!

Everything2 added a new level power: a <source> tag which allowed you to include raw HTML (including <img>, <table>, etc) in your writeups. I immediatly used it to include a table of my hobbies and interests on my home node.

The impact of the new power was comparatively limited, though, because shortly afterwards German and British troops invaded my elementary school, triggering World War I.

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