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A short one this time. The occultic thing is that Pirkan Hölkkä really does take a place tomorrow and I cannot make it due to recent sickness.

So, there were me and couple of my mates from the running club who were going to attend Pirkan Hölkkä, 33 kilometers race from Valkeakoski to Tampere. We were already warming up for the race and I was thinking aloud what kind of running gear should be the best. Others preferred shorts but I was complaining that it's too cold and I put a tracksuit on. Then I moaned that no one cannot run 33km in this suit. I also referred to my recent flu saying I wasn't in a good form and as the straw that broke the camel's back I said I forgot to take Vaseline with me: Now my inner thighs would be chafed and probably I would have to give up in some point.

I am in the elevator. I thought I pressed 3 but it doesn't stop at my floor and won't let me do it again. It doesn't stop at 5 either for the other people, but keeps going up, on up to 16. My building only has 5 floors, so this is upsetting to us. It stops for a moment, then heads down again and opens at G. I get out to use the stairs; the 5th floor people want to try again. I run in to the building manager. "The elevator is doing imaginary things. I thought you would want to know."

I walk through a convenient window in to an alternate dimension. It's a serene and natural place. Sunny. Forest nearby. I am standing in a field wih knee-high yellow grasses. There are rocks and the ocean somewhere close.

I know immediately that when I find an elevator in this world, maybe thousands of years later, it will work.

I was walking my dog, Spotless. We passed a house which had lying down on its porch a cougar on a leash. I thought the cougar was friendly and let my dog go up and sniff its muzzle. But the cougar lashed out at Spotless's mouth, biting off all of his top front teeth.

Then, they were all of my top front teeth that were gone. I felt around the front of my mouth with my tongue, terribly distressed. I asked someone if my teeth would grow back in and he/she said no. I would have to wear dentures.

I woke up crying.

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