Today I entered the M-Noder Washroom for the for the first time. I just clicked the outdoors button, selected M-Noder washroom, and hit go!.

Within seconds (well, minutes, but it's a slow Internet connection), I was transported to Dem Bones' Magical Kingdom. The hubbub of the hoi poloi in the mundane outdoors quieted down. I was finally in a place with only noders of "my type" -- educated like myself, well-read like myself, as pretty and successful as myself.

To be brutally honest, I was alone.

So I stole 2 bars of peach-scented soap, dismantled a gold plated faucet, left the towels on the floor, and returned to the lowly people. All items are available on a highest bidder basis (cash only!); further procurement possible on request.

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