Okay, first of all, I'm not sure if this should be in the Dream Log, because technically, I wasn't dreaming. However, something was seriously wrong with my head last night. And, I assure you I am not on drugs.*

I was up late last night. Until about 2:00 a.m. this morning. When I was trying to get to sleep, however, I began to hear what sounded like gunshots outside my apartment. I rolled over towards the outside wall and soon realised that what I was hearing was not gunfire, but large-scale explosions (I realised this when I saw the explosions themselves). Since I had my eyes closed when I saw the first couple explosions, I feared that something dreadfully wrong was going on outside (possibly nuclear blasts or Armageddon). Fearing nuclear explosions, I was afraid to open my eyes to directly observe such a blast (although, in retrospect, the fact that I was still there to observe them should have clued me in that I was relatively safe). Soon, the blasts stopped, and I began to hear voices and footfalls coming from the other rooms of my apartment. It was about this time that I began to suspect that I was hallucinating. These continued for approximately a half-hour, when things got really weird.

At about 2:40, while technically still wide awake, I began to enter REM patterns. My muscles from the neck down locked up, and my eyes began darting about, although my view of things continued to be as if I was looking up, slightly towards the door. At this point, my door was breached. In darted a man in black clothing (almost ninjalike), who proceeded to leap over my bed and back several times, then out the window. I glanced over towards the door, which was now closed.

I lay there for another ten minutes, frightened to death. I tried unsuccessfully to mentally calculate just how much nicotine and caffeine (the only drugs I had ingested in the past two days, although my liquor cabinet is fairly well-stocked) I would have had to have in my body to bring on such a hallucinatory episode. As the paranoia subsided, and I began to remember that ninjas were not really trying to blow me up and bring on the Apocalypse in the process, I finally was able to bring myself to get up and go to the bathroom. I still didn't sleep well, although in the morning my alarm clock was mysteriously deactivated, causing me to sleep through my Legal Writing class.

I resolved in the morning that if I can go through REM stages while awake, I must seek help.

* I was definitely not having an acid flashback. I have never done L.S.D., or any other substances that should be able to bring on such episodes, in my life. Except for Robitussin, though only for a cough.

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