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Matrix Airplane Biker Girls

Wow. I now own the Matrix Revolutions DVD. My dad bought it for me. Why don't I watch it? Uh oh. It looks like the movie has turned into real-life. There are funny monsters, which look like deformed cartoon people with strange bulges in their bodies. I can defeat them. Only I can see them. They are quite scary. There is the cabin guy, and google does a military search. The next guy has military secrets, but I want to zap the monsters badly. They are hiding in his underground farm bunker.

What kind of airplanes do women fly?

The same ones men fly.

What do women pilots look like?

They look like that woman over there.

Who, her?

Yes, her.

She's a biker, there are three of them.

Follow them. But don't make it obvious.

Okay. I think they've seen me.

It doesn't matter. They don't know why you're there.

This is a nice restaurant, better than Wendy's.

Don't forget why we're here.


They're getting away!

I'll follow them!

I'm following the three biker women down the highway. The highway looks so generic, and straight. There are green fields at either side and the sun is out, with calm clouds in the sky. As we speed along the road we come to a new restaurant: biker girl headquarters. It just turned into Lick's.

Actually, I much prefer Wendy's to Lick's. I think I'll go there instead.

I was in training for something or other. Gladiatorial type thing.. I failed, and was delegated to being one of the people that others used to train against. I didn't like that, I figured it was kind of a bum deal that I'd gotten - victim of circumstance - so I cut and ran. But the thing was, I had magical powers! So I could survive out on my own, selling my services to people out in the middle of nowhere where I wouldn't be found. 'Cause no one actually knew about my powers, see.

I couldn't go back to my family of course, because I'd disgraced myself by leaving my place.

I wasn't worried though, 'cause I knew I could do just fine on my own thanks to my Magical Powers.

They weren't magical powers in the Specific Superhuman Ability type way, but more that I was a mage and knew how to use it.

I think at some point I woke up and went back to sleep, because suddenly I was on an airplane bound for somewhere.

It seems like it was a commercial airliner, but in the manner of dreams, there were only a few people in it and it was very roomy. I heard people talking in the cabin, so I went to investigate, and found out that we were landing with very little leeway in a hangar(!), and there was no way we would have enough room to brake normally. I assume it was some sort of emergency landing.

At this point my Magical Power manifested as something akin to telekinesis, so I tried to stop the plane. I don't know if I helped at all, but the plane barely managed to not slam into the back of the hangar. After .. heh heh. Sliding sideways on its wheels and going under (!) a semi truck's trailer, like a sports car in an action flick.

Things were kinda fuzzy, but it seems everyone was ignoring my Serious Mental Effort face I'd put on when trying to stop the plane, so I strode off in a huff. And there was a cart with some stuff on it that I needed, so I flicked my fingers and it scraped along behind me.

After a short discussion I convinced them that I had Magical Powers by snatching a wallet from the ground six feet away.

At this point we had somehow reached a house, I don't know when, maybe the airplane turned into one.

But I didn't want anyone blabbing about my Magical Powers, so I was trying to scrounge up paper somewhere to write out non-disclosure agreements.

I walked outside and my girlfriend pulled up. I was happy to see her and waved, but I was trying to find papers...

And then I woke up. I saw my girlfriend after months of separation and I didn't even get a chance to hug her.

Strangely enough, that's the first dream I can remember where my Magical/Superhuman Powers actually -worked- in the dream.

It's sad. My dreams where I have superhuman abilities are usually like LARP sessions. Even including stopping and discussing just what the outcome of that attack was.

"I'm Wolverine! Fear my claws! ...Well, you can't see them, but .. just pretend they're there. Raar!"

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