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This dream started with me diving off a cruise ship, fully clothed into a body of water. The sun beating down was of a surreal nature, as it's brightness was the same as it usually is in a New England autumn, but the heat was much more powerful. So I jump off and after I surfaced I had a problem, I couldnt get back on the ship, even though I really wanted to. Even stranger, I could open all of the doors and windows of the ship, where I could see all of the very detailed interiors inside. But the openings were much too small, I could only open them with the tips my two fingers, and for some reason I was at eye level with all of the windows of the ship.

This resolved itself as dreams usually do (without making any sense), as I found myself in my old swimming pool which was located in my old backyard where my family and I had lived 8 years ago. With me was a model of the cruise ship I had just jumped from, floating on the water, and on the floor of the swimming pool laid 2 wrecks of other ships, all of them of good size(about 2 feet long)and they were entirely made from Legos. Also, there were many Playmobil corpses littering the bottom of the pool (corpses because they had all been scalped, a easy thing to do with Playmobil people, their plastic hair comes off easily).

So, because they were a threat to the lining of the pool, I put on my diving mask and began picking them up, with the mask filling up with water like it always did when I was a kid. After I had picked up about 40 or so, I noticed that the pool liner and the walls of the pool were completely misshapen, so I told my father (who I suppose was there all along) that the liner was all screwed up. He told me not to worry about it, fixed the pool easily (since now the pool liner took the properties of aluminum foil) and raised the walls of the pool to double their height. Then my mother came to the deck announcing dinner,except that it was a Spanish woman and she was wearing something a Miss America contestant would wear...Then I woke up.

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