Previous Miss America winners:
1921 Margaret Gorman, Washington, D.C.
1922-1923 Mary Campbell, Columbus, OH
1924 Ruth Malcolmson, Philadelphia, PA
1925 Fay Lamfier, Oakland, CA
1926 Norma Smallwood, Tulsa, OK
1927 Lois Delander, Smallwood, IL
1933 Marion Bergeron, West Haven, CT
1936 Henrietta Leaver, Pittsburgh, PA
1937 Rosa Coyle, Philadelphia, PA
1938 Bette Cooper, Bertrand Island, NJ
1939 Patricia Donnelly, Detroit, MI
1940 Frances Marie Burke, Philadelphia, PA
1941 Rosemary LaPlance, Los Angeles, CA
1942 Jo-Caroll Denison, Tyler, TX
1943 Jean Bartel, Los Angeles, CA
1944 Venus Ramey, Washington, D.C.
1945 Bess Myerson, New York City, NY
1946 Marilyn Buferd, Los Angeles, CA
1947 Barbara Walker, Memphis, TN
1948 BeBe Shopp, Hopkins, MN
1949 Jacque Mercer, Litchfield, AZ
1951 Yolanda Betbeze, Mobile, AL
1952 Coleen Kay Hutchens, Salt Lake City, UT
1953 Neva Jane Langley, Macon, GA
1954 Evelyn Margaret Ay, Ephrata, PA
1955 Lee Meriwether, San Francisco, CA
1956 Sharon Ritchie, Denver, CO
1957 Marion McKnight, Manning, SC
1958 Marilyn Van Derbur, Denver, CO
1959 Mary Ann Mobley, Brandon, MS
1960 Lynda Lee Mead, Natchez, MS
1961 Nancy Fleming, Montague, MI
1962 Maria Fletcher, Asheville, NC
1963 Jacquelyn Mayer, Sandusky, OH
1964 Donna Axom, El Dorado, AK
1965 Vonda Kay Van Dyke, Phoenix, AZ
1966 Deborah Irene Bryant, Overland Park, KS
1967 Jane Anne Jayroe, Laverne, OK
1968 Debra Dene Barnes, Moran, KS
1969 Judith Anne Ford, Belvidere, IL
1970 Pamela Anne Eldred, Birmingham, MI
1971 Phyllis Ann George, Denton, TX
1972 Laurie Lea Schaefer, Columbus, OH
1973 Terry Anne Meeuwsen, DePere, WI
1974 Rebecca Ann King, Denver, CO
1975 Shirley Cothran, Fort Worth, TX
1976 Tawney Elaine Godin, Yonkers, NY
1977 Dorothy Kathleen Benham, Edina, MN
1978 Susan Perkins, Columbus, OH
1979 Kylene Barker, Galax, VA
1980 Cheryl Prewitt, Ackerman, MS
1981 Susan Powell, Elk City, OK
1982 Elizabeth Ward, Russellvile, AR
1983 Debra Maffett, Anaheim, CA
1984 Vanessa Williams, Milwood, NY, who resigned, allowing Suzette Charles of Mays Landing, NJ to take the crown.
1985 Sharlene Wells, Salt Lake City, UT
1986 Susan Akin, Meridian, MS
1987 Kellye Cash, Memphis, TN
1988 Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, Monroe, MI
1989 Gretchen Carlson, Anoka, MN
1990 Debbye Turner, Columbia, MO
1991 Marjorie Vincent, Oak Park, IL
1992 Carolyn Suzanne Sapp, Honolulu, HI
1993 Leanza Cornett, Jacksonville, FL
1994 Kimberly Aiken, Columbia, SC
1995 Heather Whitestone, Birmingham, AL
1996 Shawntel Smith, Muldrow, OK
1997 Tara Dawn Hollan, Overland Park, KS
1998 Kate Shindle, Evanston, IL
1999 Nicole Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA
2000 Heather French, Maysville, KY
2001 Angela Baraquio, Hawaii
A superhero published by DC Comics. Miss America first appeared in Military Comics #1 in 1941.

Joan Dale worked as a reporter for a New York newspaper in the early 1940's. While following a lead on Liberty Island home of the Statue of Liberty, Dale fell asleep on a park bench. She dreamed that the Statue came to life and gave her powers to use to defend America. When Dale awoke, she actually had the power to rearrange the atomic structure of things. Dale took the dream to heart and began fighting evil as Miss America.

Unbeknownst to Dale, her powers were part of a secret U.S. government project called Project M. Based beneath Liberty Island, Project M sought to give superhuman abilities to soldiers. When the project's latest volunteer died as a result of the experiments, the director turned to one of his operatives, Agent X. Agent X promised to bring a subject for experimentation, and called a reporter he believed to be John Dale, planting a false lead. When Joan Dale arrived, Agent X decided to use her anyway, drugging her and bringing her for experimentation. When the scientists involved in the process tried their test, they thought an error had been made and that Dale's mind had been destroyed. The group sought to cover up their mistake, by putting Dale back on the bench where she was taken. Dale, however, recovered and began her superhero career.

Miss America was a member of three superhero groups: the Freedom Fighters, the Justice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron. She eventually found her abilities fading and so retired from adventuring and maried Derek Trevor. The two had a daughter they name Hippolyta or Lyta for short. Lyta went on to become the superhero Fury.

On 7/7/77 The Grand Illusion album was released and brought forth the song Miss America. It was track #5, after Come Sail Away and followed by Man in the Wilderness. The song begins appropriately with the soft theme from the Miss America pagaent and the immediately breaks into a hard rocking guitar lick. James "JY" Young's voice on this track sounds stacatto like a cross between singing and speaking.

James Young offered this insight into the song in a TV interview on ABC:

I love the approach to this song. It's kind of that radical, on-the-edge type of vocal. Inspired. It was part of the concept of The Grand Illusion. I said, "Miss America, that's one of the grandest illusions we have in our society". I think that song really represents all the good elements of New Wave and doesn't have any of the bad.

Sample lyrics:

You were the apple of the public's eye as you cut the ribbon at the local mall
A mirage of both you and us - how can it be real

(The "official" lyrics from Styx substitute "The pride" for "A mirage" above, but if you listen to the version on The Grand Illusion you can clearly tell that "a mirage" is correct.)

Well aren't you Miss America
Don't you Miss America
Won't you Miss America
Our love

Song: Miss America
Artist: Styx
Album: Grand Illusion
Written by: James Young

James Young (guitar, vocals), Tommy Shaw (guitar), Dennis De Young (vocals, keyboards), Chuck Panozzo (bass), John Panozzo (drums).


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